Bilateral Funds Incentive Program

Program's Description

The incentive program provides support for Israeli companies collaborating with foreign companies in the US, India, Singapore, and Korea on R&D projects of new technology products or the significant upgrade of an existing technology. The program’s financial
incentive, financed by the bi-national funds, enables to share the risk of funding the project and also offers support in the search for foreign technology partners.

Goal of the incentive program

To encourage international collaborations for development and application of innovative technologies in
all fields and the examination of their feasibility in order to help Israeli companies grow and increase their
competitiveness in the international market by establishing strategic global connections, access to real
international conditions in order to test their products, breakthrough and scale-up of their products in
global markets.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Israeli technology companies from all industrial sectors that seek to develop or upgrade products and technologies with an international partner in the US, India, Singapore, and Korea. Calls for proposals are published from time to time and provide priority to specific technological fields.

What do you get?

  • Assistance in finding a foreign partner.
  •  Financial assistance of up to 50% of the approved R&D budget in accordance with the type of program in the fund.
  • Each fund operates different programs. Further details can be found on the funds’ websites

Israeli Companies

Israeli companies seeking further information on the requirements and application process to this program, should refer to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Hebrew site: