Autonomous Vehicles in Israel – Forming Regulatory Framework Program (C4IR)

Program's Description

The Challenge

Autonomous driving is a disruptive, innovative technology, that challenges the existing driving laws and regulations. In order to enable the trials and operation of driverless vehicles the Israeli Government needed to shape a new regulatory framework, to enable the operation and attract global industry to operate in Israel as a beta site.

Collaborating Entities:

Included: Israel Innovation Authority via it’s Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution Israel, and Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum, Israeli Ministry of Transportation and Israelei Ministry of Justice

About the Collaboration

It was stated in Government Resolution No. 4481 [dated January 2019], that Israel shall collaborate with the World Economic Forum and will become part of the C4IR – Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution to promote the use of agile regulation for advanced technologies. The Israel Innovation Authority was chosen to serve as the hosting entity for C4IR IL, due to its familiarity and close collaboration with the Israeli tech industry. In support of this goal, C4IR Israel works with Israel’s Ministry of Transportation (MOT) to advance its regulatory landscape in rapid transition towards a shared, electric and automated mobility ecosystem. As part of the collaboration, C4IR generates policy papers, encourages multi stakeholder collaborations and best practice exchange with different foreign regulators and industry, and assisting MOT in shaping its regulatory framework for the trials and operations of AVs in Israel.

The Innovation 

Bringing together Israeli regulators with global and local industry and foreign regulators, to exchange best practices and create a multi- stakeholder collaboration for the shaping of a bottom- up regulatory framework for av’s in Israel that will meet industry needs yet ensure public interest.

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White Paper

White Text

Autonomous Vehicle Policy Framework: Selected National and Jurisdictional Policy Efforts to Guide Safe AV Development”. The report provides decision-makers with a detailed guide for developing a regulatory framework to govern the testing and commercial operation of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Written in collaboration with the C4IR Affiliate Centre in Israel and the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety (MOT) of Israel to support MOT efforts in achieving a safe and sustainable AV policy, the report offers a comparative review of AV policy approaches in selected nations — Israel, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia — and subnational jurisdictions California and Arizona USA, with significant contributions from local regulators. While each jurisdiction adopts approaches tailored to its specific context, many commonalities were catalogued and synthesized by the authors of the report into overall best practices. The report was written in collaboration with the regulators from the jurisdictions reviewed.

Autonomous Public Transportation


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AV Policy Workshop Series

This workshop series was held by C4IR Israel to the members of the intra- ministerial committee for regulating trials and operation of autonomous vehicles. The committee was initiated by the Ministry of Transportation and headed by DG of the Ministry: Mr. Ofer Malka.
The lectures were designed to address the needs of the committee members, bridge knowledge gaps and deepen their knowledge and expertise in the field.

  1. Prof. Sarit Kraus, Head of AI at Bar Ilan University- Intro to AI and Machine learning
    Orlie Gruper, Executive Director, Ecomotion Community: Auto-tech Market review
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  2. Dr. Yaakov Rimer: AI in a nut shell
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  3. Kevin Biesty, Deputy Director, Arizona’s Department of Transportation: Testing and Operating Driverless Vehicles on Public Roads- Lessons from Arizona
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  4. Dr. Oren Musicantt – Local and remote drivers in autonomous vehicles : The human factor challenges
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  5. Marcus Burke, Executive Leader, Future Technologies at the National Transport Commission: Australia’s AV Policy
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