Argentina – Israel Industrial R&D Cooperation Program

Program's Description

The Bilateral Framework Program is jointly implemented by MINCyT, The Ministry of Science Technology and Productive Innovation in Argentina and Israel Innovation Authority.

Preferred Technologies and Sectors : All Technological Fields

* Academic and other research entities are eligible to join as sub-contractors only

Goal of the incentive program

Israel: The total funding from the Government of Israel via Israel Innovation Authority, under the Argentina-Israel R&D program financial support, is up to 50% of the eligible costs plus regional incentives, in accordance with national laws and regulations.

Argentina: The total grant from the Government of Argentina under the Argentina-Israel R&D program financial support is up to 80% of the approved R&D expenditures and up to $ 2.500.000 pesos (165.000 USD) in the case of software and informatics services projects, and $ 3.500.000 (231.000 USD) for the rest of industrial areas.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Fruitful Collaboration: between an Israeli company and an Argentinean company to jointly develop a new product or process. Other entitles (such as academic entities, hospitals, clinics, etc.) are eligible to join as sub-contractors.
  • The product should be highly innovative.
  • Significant commercial potential.
  • Added Value to the Israeli Economy.
  • The entities should have the technological, commercial and financial abilities to successfully bring the new product to market.
  • The partners should agree in advance on the IP rights and on the commercialization strategy of the product. (Technical know-how acquired in the project is expected to be shared between the partners in a way that would reflect each partner contribution to the project)


What do you get?

When a project is successful in achieving sales of a product or process, the financial support provided shall be repaid, based on sales revenues, and in accordance with the laws and regulations in the two respective states.
Generally speaking, in Israel, the grant is repayable up to the original amount (indexed linked plus annual interest rate) and the repayment rate is 3% – 6% of the product sales.
If the project has no commercial outcome – no repayment shall be required.

For detailed, official, and binding information, regarding repayment policy, Israeli companies please read the following information –

How to submit a request for investment

  • The program maintains offices in both Argentina (within the MINCyT) and Israel (within Israel Innovation Authority); Argentinean and Israeli entities may contact their respective offices at any time.
  • The program assists companies in finding potential technology partners.
  • An initial assessment of the joint project will be performed upon submission of the “Cooperation Form” (prior to the deadline).
  • The program will assist the companies in the process of preparing the Final Application Forms.

Calls for Proposals for this Program:

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