Winners of 3rd round of funding for pilots using 5G cellular infrastructures


Grants totaling NIS 4.3 million will be granted to three startups and companies that will carry out pilots using 5G cellular infrastructures

The Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority Announce the Winners of the “Third Round” of Funding for the Pilot Program:

Grants totaling NIS 4.3 million will be granted to three startups and companies that will carry out pilots using 5G cellular infrastructures

The fourth round of the program will begin at the start of 2022
The Winning Companies:
• NOVELSAT • Ran El •Topaia •

Communications Minister, Yoaz Hendel: “Israel is going through a great revolution in communications’ infrastructure – fiber optics and 5G cellular technology will improve our lives in many areas – remote work, remote medicine, the growth of advanced and innovative industries, smart cities, smart transport, and more. I commend the three winning companies. They presented pilots that realize the highest abilities that 5G has to offer, and we look forward to seeing their final products. The ministry will continue to support creative ideas and initiatives in order to ensure the State of Israel continues to be at the forefront of innovation, and an international leader in the area of 5G technology.”
Israel Innovation Authority CEO, Dror Bin: “The Israel Innovation Authority puts great importance in promoting advanced communication infrastructure as part of developing the economy, industry, for the benefit of the Israeli population. The Pilot Programs allow technological companies that have completed development of ready protypes to test the technology they have developed at quality pilot sites, and to establish quality pilot facilities, on the way to transforming Israel into a quality international-level beta site. The project advances the deployment of 5G technology and its availability for Israel’s population by implementing the technology in the field.”
On Tuesday (December 28, 2021), the Communications Ministry and the Israel Innovation Authority, are publishing the decisions of the research committee to approve grants for the third round of the Pilots Program dealing with 5G cellular technology. The goal of the program is to support the expansion of 5G networks in Israel and to develop innovative applications that make use of this infrastructure.
The different candidates for the grant were thoroughly evaluated by an expert team comprised of Innovation Authority’s expert evaluators as well as representatives from the Ministry of Communications, and following deliberations at the Innovation Authority’s research committee, three additional companies won approval to carry out pilots and were awarded up to 50 percent of the project’s costs.
Summary of the Winning Projects:

  • NOVELSAT – Pilot for a system to distribute video content in real time, from the network core to 5G sites and to the end-usage devices, while integrating advanced adaptive video technology at the network’s edge, together with efficient video broadcasting using existing infrastructure or a satellite connection via collaboration with Cellcom.
  • Topaia – A pilot to assimilate precise location calculation technology using GPS on a 5G network in collaboration with Cellcom.
  • Ran El – 5G coverage of the Petah Tikva Stadium (URLLC) with improved performance. The system will also serve as an experimental field for sports technology startups in collaboration with Tibar Communication Towers.

Until now, the program has awarded NIS13 million to Israeli companies developing applications using 5G technology. According to estimates in the Communications Ministry and the Innovation Authority, this is a technology whose success will constitute a digital revolution and will power significant growth for the Israeli economy as a whole. The new developments in 5G technology are expected to be at the forefront of smart technology in the coming years and its demand is expected to grow worldwide.
The fourth round of the program will begin during the first quarter of 2022. The Communications Ministry and the Innovation Authority invite companies and startups to join the call for proposals for innovations in the field of 5G and to join the 12 companies who have already won grants to develop their innovative applications in this field.