The News Authority today chose Quantum Machines to establish the Israeli quantum computing center with a total budget of 100 million NIS for three years


For the first time in the world, a quantum computing center is being established that includes three different quantum technologies with a common control layer

Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Orit Parkash HaCohen: “Establishing a quantum computing center will be a significant leap forward in Israel’s civil and technological resilience. Through this strategic support, under the leadership of the Innovation Authority and through additional actions taken by my ministry, the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, among other things cooperation with the USA in this area, we will ensure Israel’s technological superiority and promote Israeli industry.”

Dr. Ami Applebaum, Chairman of the Innovation Authority: “The purpose of the program is to establish Israeli capacity in future infrastructural technology, and to support the development of Israeli industry and academia through quantum computing. Within the framework of the center, a service will be provided in response to technological needs that will allow industry and academia in Israel access to the infrastructure.” F, which will be a significant leap in relation to the technological innovation that exists in the industry today. With the help of this center, a response to a market failure in a strategic area is provided as part of the authority’s policy to allow the industry to be at the global forefront of harmful technologies.”

The quantum computing center, for the first time in the world, will allow access to research and development in all hardware and software layers in three different quantum processing technologies. The center will serve the quantum computing community in Israeli industry and academia by setting up a full stack universal quantum computer to run calculations directly with a future option for cloud access. From its very first day, the center will include Israeli technology infrastructure from the Classic and Quantum Machines companies alongside leading technologies from around the world in order to enable full operation of a working infrastructure within 12-18 months with a processing power of over 50 qubits. The center will integrate dedicated quantum computing solutions, for topics such as optimization, simulations, machine learning or various components to deal with the limitations of size and noise level in quantum computing.

Within the framework of the national quantum project managed by the Telam Forum, the Innovation Authority and PAAT will finance the development of quantum technologies and the establishment of an applied quantum computing center for the State of Israel with a total budget of NIS 200 million. The investment was channeled into two parallel and complementary ways, the first step which has been completed The day is intended to provide a response to several quantum computing R&D groups operating in Israel, while accumulating knowledge and human capital in the field. The leading vision is establishing Israeli capability in future key technology in dual economic and security applications.

The center will enable the provision of research and development services to the entire Israeli innovation environment for developments such as dedicated quantum processors for a variety of algorithms, development of processor topologies for VQA to solve optimization problems, algorithms for engineering control signals to improve dealing with noise and improve signal processing performance, development of interconnect technologies ) between components, developing techniques and algorithms for correcting errors and more.

Establishing the center will reduce R&D costs, make knowledge accessible and allow researchers to be accompanied with the help of a dedicated technical team, as well as be a ground for training professional personnel for the growing innovation environment.

This allows the Innovation Authority to promote the business potential inherent in research and development in the field of quantum computing, supports the start-up companies currently operating in Israel and attracts talents from around the world who would like to use the center. Alongside this, the establishment of the center will support innovative activity that will contribute to the growth of the Quantum Machine company, which is already noted as one of the most promising and growing companies in quantum computing in the world.