Second funding round winners for the 5G “Pilots Program”


NIS 3.7 Million Will be Awarded to Four Startups and Companies to Conduct Pilots via Cellular 5G Infrastructure

Israeli Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority announce second funding round winners for the “Pilots Program”:

NIS 3.7 Million Will be Awarded to Four Startups and Companies to Conduct Pilots via Cellular 5G Infrastructure
Third Funding Round Is Underway – Companies Are Invited to Submit Applications by October 6th, 2021

Winning Companies:
Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber | Sightbit | ITC Intelligent Traffic Control | RAD Data Communications

Minister of Communications, Yoaz Hendel: “Israel is undergoing a communications infrastructure revolution – Cellular 5G stands to improve many aspects of our daily lives, such as remote employment, innovative industries and smart cities. 5G developments will become a significant aspect of life in Israel in the coming years, and we put a high priority on positioning Israeli high-tech as a global leader in the field. For these four companies – who today are joining the five companies already working on advanced pilots – there is an opportunity to become “the next big thing” in Israeli and global high-tech, and we can’t wait to see the final products. We will continue to support initiatives and creative ideas to promote Israel as a global technology leader.”

CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, Dror Bin: “The Innovation Authority initiated a process to invest in 5G applications and technologies in order to support Israeli economic growth. Applying the technology will create a real global revolution in a range of sectors – industry, agriculture, smart health, smart cities and transportation, and the transition to autonomous systems. The Pilots program presents an opportunity for Israeli companies to trial the technology in designated and unique beta sites (such as hospitals, governmental companies and the National Fire and Rescue Authority), and amplifies the deployment and use of the infrastructure and advanced communications capabilities in Israel.

The Israeli Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority has today (Tuesday) published the Research Committee’s decision for the approval of the second round of grants for conducting pilot programs with 5G cellular technology. The goal of this program is to support the expansion of 5G network use in Israel and develop innovative applications of this infrastructure. As part of this joint program, the four winning companies will join the five winners from the first round, to develop advanced communication applications designed to improve the advanced communications infrastructure. These innovations will also trigger a technological and innovative step forward that will continue to put Israel at the forefront of countries developing technologies based on 5G networks that will change the way we live.

With the third round of the program now underway, the Ministry of Communications and the Israel Innovation Authority are inviting startups and companies to submit the applications for developments using 5G cellular networks by October 6th, 2021, and join the nine companies who have already received the grants to develop innovative applications in this field.

The Ministry of Communications estimates that these technologies will constitute an economic “Game Changer” and become a significant engine of growth for the entire Israeli economy. The new 5G technological developments are expected to be at the forefront of smart technologies in the coming years, with demand that is expected to spread all over the world.

The grant applicants were rigorously examined by teams comprised of expert evaluators appointed by the Innovation Authority and representatives of the Ministry of Communications. Following discussions of the Innovation Authority’s Research Committee, an additional four companies were awarded grants of up to 50% of their project’s expenses to conduct pilots.

Brief of the projects approved from the wining companies

  • Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber: Pilot to operate a decentralized network of 5G private and mobile networks with satellite connectivity for the National Fire and Rescue forces that will give them, for the first time, a fully autonomous use of the broadband 5G network in various operational scenarios.
  • Sightbit: Adapting a forecast system, locating and monitoring extreme and dangerous situations for people on naval sites using 5G network infrastructure.
  • ITC Intelligent Traffic Control: High-definition video transmission in real time from intersection cameras using the 5G network, for real time processing, analysis and situation predictions, designed to actively manage a network of traffic lights via artificial intelligence.
  • RAD Data Communications: Using the 5G network to connect smart traffic cameras on main roads. A joint project for RAD and Netivei Israel (National Transport Infrastructure Company).