Israel & U.S Military (MTEC) to collaborate on Health Tech developments


The Israel Innovation Authority joined MTEC, a consortium established by the U.S. military to develop health solutions that the military and other federal agencies are interested in promoting.

The Israel Innovation Authority has joined MTEC, a consortium established by the U.S. military to develop health solutions that the military and other federal agencies are interested in promoting. This program will enable Israeli companies to receive grants from the US Army, US Navy, and other parties involved in the program, for the purpose of developing solutions within the framework of the program’s calling voices, which will be promoted in Israel by the Innovation Authority.

The program deals with, among other things, the areas of identification and treatment of infectious diseases, treatment of operational injuries and rehabilitation of injuries. The program has a government budget of about 400 million dollars, and in 2020 it funded about 60 projects, participation in it will enable collaborations in R&D with military entities and other participants in the program.

The announcement of the Authority joining MTEC was part of the bi-annual innovation dialogue between Israel and the United States. The main research and development authorities of the two countries took part in the dialogue. The dialogue took place under the Innovation Agreement led by the Innovation Authority and the US Department of Commerce. The dialogue is meant to expand and strengthen scientific and technological cooperation between the countries in preparation for the establishment of new cooperation frameworks between the innovation communities of the United States and Israel, with the support of the two governments.

 This year the dialogue was spread over 3 days: on the first day the various platforms of cooperation at the federal and state level were mapped, focusing on the updates and innovations in them, and in particular: the recently signed scientific and technological cooperation agreement; The BIRD Foundation’s Energy Center Program for Industry and Academic Associations in Fossil Energy, Energy Storage, Cyber and Water Protection; the program for the transfer and commercialization of knowledge in the fields of agriculture and nutrition in collaboration between the Agricultural Research Foundation (BARD) and the US Department of Agriculture; Collaborative Achievements with the Florida Space Agency As part of which about 40 joint ventures in space and aviation were funded; the new investment fund established by Colorado and invests in companies that have won Innovation Authority grants and collaborations with leading U.S. medical centers including Mayo Clinic and Jefferson for validation of innovative health solutions developed by the Israeli industry.
The next few days were devoted to in-depth discussions on health technologies – digital health and Bio-convergence (a combination of engineering and biology) and opportunities for collaborations in the field of robotics, including advanced manufacturing.

The robotics dialogue focused on activities in both countries that promote the introduction of productive robotics to small and medium-sized companies and enterprises, while promoting HRI (human-robot interface) capabilities, safety, and standardization. The fourth national program for the promotion of robotics was also presented: US National Robotics Initiative 4.0 with options for integrating companies and researchers from Israel.
All U.S. speakers noted that the problems for advancing advanced technologies with AI and HRI are similar in the two countries and therefore it is only natural that there should be a joint effort in research and industrial business application. They noted favorably the studies of researchers from academia in Israel.

Among the American bodies that participated in the dialogue: the State Department, the US Patent Office, the National Robotics Program, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the BARDA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which operates laboratories and working groups for Israeli industry.
The day of discussions dedicated to the Health Tech was also attended by lawmakers from Congress (from both parties) who are promoting legislation to allocate budgets for cooperation between the countries in the Health Tech, including dealing with epidemics and a large-scale vaccination for the population.

Dr. Ami Applebaum, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority, concluded that “the dialogue illustrated the importance and uniqueness of the special relationship between Israel and the United States. These were further and significantly strengthened during the three days of discussions, during which countless opportunities were revealed to companies, researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs who will promote joint ventures. “
 Yifat Alon Perl, head of the economic attachés at the Israeli embassy in Washington, added that the Innovation Authority, together with the Washington attachés, will promote the opportunities revealed in the dialogue and enter in-depth discussions with US partners in other areas of national importance to the two countries.

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