Joint Initiative by the Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing to Promote Innovation in the Construction Industry


Winners of call for proposals will receive a grant of up to 3.5 million NIS

The Israel Innovation Authority and The Ministry of Construction and Housing announced today the launch of a call for proposals for research and development programs and pilot projects to promote technological capabilities in the construction manufacturing industry.

This call aims to promote innovation in the construction industry, improve productivity, increase industrialization, enhance building quality, shorten construction duration, extend product lifespans, and improve resource efficiency in construction to make the entire sector more productive, advanced, and technological. The submitted programs will focus on developing industrialized construction methods, products, materials, technologies, and innovative production processes to improve and streamline the construction industry, thereby creating significant value for society and this productive sector in Israel.

Yehuda Morgenstern, Director General of the Ministry of Construction and Housing: “The construction industry in Israel constitutes a significant part of the economy, both in terms of sectoral output and its share in the overall national product, with residential construction being a particularly significant component, including the supporting infrastructure. Housing needs for the coming decades will increase along with population growth and urban densification. Therefore, it is crucial to improve the productivity of the construction industry by implementing and integrating technologies that enhance and improve the quality and execution processes.”

Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority: “This call is  imperative at this time, as we are experiencing a significant decrease in the number of foreign workers, a constant rise in workplace accidents, and a noticeable need to increase the initiation of construction projects in Israel. Introducing technology into the construction field can greatly help boost productivity, increase the pace of construction, and improve safety. This initiative can spark the development of innovative technologies in the construction sector, promote the implementation and integration of advanced tools and methods to improve the industry, and contribute to Israel’s competitive ability, placing it at the forefront of global knowledge, research, and application in this field.”

The call focuses on several topics:

  • Industrialized construction – for example, innovative industrialized construction methods, products for industrializing construction, etc.
  • Development of automation systems in construction processes – such as engineering equipment combining automation systems, sensors combined with artificial intelligence, and more.