Announcing Israel's tech delegation to COP28


30 Leading Israeli Climate-Tech Companies Chosen to Represent Israel at COP28 Climate Conference in Dubai

Companies chosen to represent Israel in national pavilion to explore investment opportunities with international corporations, investment entities, and venture capital funds operating in the climate-tech sector

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, Israel Innovation Authority and the Export Institute announced today the selection of 30 pioneering Israeli technology companies to represent Israel at the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai, scheduled to open on November 30, 2023. These companies have been selected to showcase Israel’s prowess in climate innovation and foster international collaboration in tackling the global climate crisis. 

The selection process was led by the Innovation Authority in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and was conducted via the Innovation Authority’s technology expert evaluators that conducted a meticulous evaluation of over 200 applicants.

The COP conferences, convened under the auspices of the United Nations, are renowned as the premier global events addressing the critical issue of climate change. This year’s COP28 is expected to feature participation from over 100 heads of state, as well as representatives from the private sector, civil society, academia, media, and financial institutions. Anticipating more than 100,000 attendees, COP28 will take place at Expo Dubai, making it an unparalleled platform for nations and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to climate action.

Israel’s presence at COP28 will be characterized by a strong contingent of climate-tech companies representing diverse sectors, including energy, water, agriculture, sustainable manufacturing, green construction, food technology, transportation, circular economy, waste management, environmental protection, and carbon capture. These forward-thinking enterprises will present innovative solutions that have already begun to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change, underscoring the breadth and depth of climate technologies developed in Israel. This platform will enable joint collaboration, evoke discussions on various solutions of either mitigation or adaptation to the climate changes and bolster Israel’s position as a global leader in dealing with the climate crisis.

Ronen Levy, CEO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “The Climate Conference is the most important and significant global event where world leaders come together to discuss ways to combat the climate crisis. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proud to lead the Israeli delegation to the Climate Conference under the leadership of the President and Prime Minister. The delegation of technology companies will bring innovative solutions and breakthroughs to the international stage and will hold a series of high-level meetings to assist countries dealing with climate challenges such as wildfires, floods, water scarcity, and heatwaves. This is an exceptional opportunity for the Israeli industry, and I congratulate the companies selected to participate.”

Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, stated, “We believe that by showcasing Israeli climate-tech innovations on the international stage, we can provide excellent exposure for these pioneering companies and foster collaborations, inspire others, and leverage Israel’s leadership potential in the global climate arena. In recent years, climate tech has become one of the hottest sectors in Israeli high-tech, attracting a wave of entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations aiming to contribute to the fight against climate change. We are pleased to announce the selection of innovative startups that will represent Israel at COP28. These trailblazing companies have shown exceptional commitment to addressing the pressing global challenges of climate change. Their groundbreaking technologies and solutions have the potential to revolutionize entire industries and significantly contribute to a sustainable future.”

Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin, Director-General of the Export Institute, added, “Israel has been dealing with environmental challenges for a long time, and Israeli innovation began with local problems that were unique to Israel and later became global issues. The Israeli industry has become a global leader in technology, thanks to both the challenges on one hand and original thinking on the other—solutions for water, green energy production, technologies for adapting to extreme climate conditions, food tech, addressing the bee crisis, and more. Israeli companies at the forefront of climate innovation are participating in COP, and some will be part of the official national pavilion while others will join the business delegation. Participation in COP provides global exposure not only to governments but also to investors and multi-national corporations, showcasing Israeli technological capabilities. Based on our experience from COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, I am confident that we can create unique business opportunities that will advance Israeli technology exports.”

Idit Silman, Minister of Environmental Protection, stated, “We are pleased to once again lead the annual climate conference, together with our partners in Israel and internationally. There is a close connection between Israel’s technological potential and the enormous challenge posed by climate change. The ministry supports innovative Israeli startups working in various environmental and climate-related fields, aiming to strengthen the local ecosystem through fruitful cooperation with the Innovation Authority and other stakeholders. The ministry will continue to assist climate tech startups in transitioning from the idea stage to proven startups in the international market.”

Ofir Akunis, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology, said, “The Dubai COP is a tremendous opportunity to showcase Israeli capabilities both in general and in the climate tech field in particular. The selected companies, along with many others operating in this field, represent Israel’s proud industry, which leads and will continue to lead and present its best face to the world. I am confident that the Israeli pavilion will be at the center of the entire exhibition, reinforcing Israel’s international collaboration and enhancing our country’s diplomatic position.”

Here is the list of participating companies includes both established companies and startups, as well as technology incubators:

Established Companies: HomeBiogas, UBQ Materials, Envomed, BlueGreen Water Technologies, Asterra, Clariter, GenCell, Salicrop, LiVA Bio-Technologies, TaKaDu. 

Startups: Slibio, CAPSULE-Minimal, Sphere, Gigablue, Criaterra, ImaginDairy, GreenEye Tech, AgroScout, Copprint, Daika Wood, ANINA, NT-Tao, Xfloat, BeeHero, SolCold, CarbonBlue, Meat.The End, BioBetter, SOLIBIO, CAPSULE-Minimal, Sphere.

Technology Incubators: i4Valley and NET ZERO

Companies that will present at the conference:


  1. GIGABLUE – The company has developed a unique material from natural ingredients that when dispersed in the ocean enhances natural micro-algae processes. As they grow, these micro-algae absorb bicarbonate carbon and, as they sink to the ocean floor, sequester carbon in the deep sea.
  2. CRIATERRA – The company has developed a unique artificial corallite-based connector that allows physical linking below 100 degrees Celsius in a patented protected design. The company was founded to challenge the 4 gigatons of emissions produced by concrete as a construction material.
  3. Meat.The End – The company develops and manufactures alternative protein materials made from proteins produced using extrusion and formulation machines for meat substitutes.
  4. ImaginDairy – The company uses precise fermentation to produce milk proteins identical to those in cow’s milk. The milk products produced from this fermentation are identical in taste, smell, texture, functionality, and nutritional value to cow’s milk products.
  5. GreenEye Tech – The company has developed an AI and image processing-based system for agricultural sprayers that identifies in real-time where pesticide spraying is needed and where it is not.
  6. AGRO SCOUT – They have developed a SAAS system that enables precise data collection on plant leaves with millimeter-level resolution worldwide using artificial intelligence.
  7. COPPRINT – The company has achieved high-conductivity copper-based ink, using a simple process without oxidation control after over 100 years of attempts.
  8. Daika Wood – The company has found a solution for wood waste and developed a material that utilizes wood waste, transforming it into a material that can be processed like plastic (sheets) without containing any plastic at all.
  9. ANINA Culinary Art – The company has developed the world’s smallest meals: innovative capsules (80g) made from 40% dried vegetables and long-shelf-life (up to a year) with a short cooking time in water. The capsule dissolves and becomes a rich and diverse (280g) and nutritious meal.
  10. NT-Tao – The company is developing a compact fusion reactor that will deliver clean, safe, and abundant energy to everybody.
  11. Xfloat – The company is developing solar systems floating on water and allows single-axis solar panel tracking on water.
  12. BeeHero – The company has built the world’s largest database in the field of bees and developed a unique platform that provides transparency to processes inside hives.
  13. BioBetter – The company is developing a platform for the production of proteins required for cultured meat cells and focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by enabling the production of cultured meat.
  14. SolCold – The company has developed a product like a film/sticker that provides cooling below ambient temperature, similar to an air conditioner but without electricity usage and without CO2 emissions.
  15. CarbonBlue – The technology developed is a cyclic chemical process that takes place in a number of reactors, the result of which is the removal of bicarbonate in an environmentally friendly, cheap, and scalable manner that will enable the required scalability to address climate crisis goals.
  16. SOLIBIO – The company manufactures an innovative polymer that wraps around the crops, repels insects and is used as a physical barrier thus preventing insects from harming the plants, without damaging the crops’ growth and development. The polymer is not considered as a pesticide and does not carry any chemical infection to either the crop or soil.
  17. CAPSULE-Minimal – The company developed a technology for transfer of production processes from the factory to the end user, by using the chemical energy embodied in the products’ raw materials. Therefore, instead of producing (a shampoo, for example) at the plant, the company manufactures a multi-layered capsule made of compressed powder, which the end user puts into a reusable bottle, adds water, and thus creates the final product.
  18. SPHERE – The company’s cooling system is based on heat removing condenser using a unique method that works on three principles: removing heat via evaporation (water) allowing for high energetic efficiency. Creating a stable micron layer of water throughout the heat removing process. Using water with no minerals thus avoiding any chemical issues.

Mature companies:

  1. ENVOMED – On-site medical waste treatment closest to the source of infectious waste generation. The machine performs two processes in a single unit: grinding waste into small particles and homogenizing it in a chemical homogeneous liquid media.
  2. Salicorp – Focuses on treating the seeds in a manner that makes them and the plants durable to extreme climate conditions (heat, dryness, salinity). The company aspires to provide farmers with seeds that can thrive in diverse environmental conditions and guarantee food manufacturing security in the face of climate changes.
  3. BlueGreen Water Technologies – The company’s methodology is based on carbon sequestration in water, the natural place for regulating atmospheric carbon on Earth.
  4. ASTERRA – The company helps organizations identify and locate critical infrastructure vulnerabilities. Early detection allows resilience to climate change. The company performs analysis and insights from remote sensing, including unique experiments with PolSAR combined with artificial intelligence.
  5. CLARITER RECYCLING AND REFINING CENTER – The company has developed a unique technology for the chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste, turning it into new high-quality end products.
  6. HomeBiogas – The company turns organic waste into a resource using compact systems that convert organic waste into clean energy for cooking or heating. It also transforms it into rich liquid organic fertilizer.
  7. GenCell – The company leads innovative solutions for hydrogen and ammonia energy using alkaline fuel cells. This technology was initially used to produce electricity and heat in extreme conditions in space. Today, the company produces continuous, green, and economical electricity in every corner of the globe.
  8. UBQ Materials – The company has developed a technology and a new composite material made from mixed waste that has been used to bury, creating a new thermoplastic material that can replace plastics and other materials in industry. The waste includes all non-recyclable materials.
  9. LiVABiotec – The company develops probiotic stickers that promote selective and spontaneous growth of beneficial bacteria known for their ability to prevent various plant diseases, rot, and pathogens. The proposed solution allows enjoying the quality of beneficial bacteria in food products without using live bacteria that can spoil the product.
  10. TaKaDu – TaKaDu’s Central Event Management (CEM) system improves the way water utilities operate by significantly reducing non-revenue water (NRW), shortening fault repair times, enhancing customer service, and increasing operational efficiency.

Technological Incubators:

  1. i4Valley – Carmiel greenhouse for smart industry. Investing in sustainable manufacturing technologies with the goal of helping entrepreneurs and innovators establish technology companies that will develop the next generation of products with less energy, fewer materials, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and less environmental pollution.
  2. Net-zero – Net Zero’s managed greenhouse supports early-stage startups in climate-related fields with an emphasis on water management, reducing emissions in transportation and construction, energy production, and water and wastewater treatment.

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