A2A and Israel Innovation Authority together for innovation


A2A and Israel’s Innovation Authority together for innovation

A2A and the Israeli Innovation Authority have signed an MoU aimed at creating a refer-ence framework for jointly approved collaboration projects in the field of innovation be-tween Israeli companies and the A2A Life Company. The agreement, signed by Renato Mazzoncini CEO of A2A and Dr. Amiram Applebaum, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority, will make it possible to bring together the skills, technologies and experience of Israeli startups and A2A.
The Innovation Authority – together with the Israeli Economic Mission in Italy – will support A2A in identifying innovative realities and solutions, especially in the circular economy and energy transition sectors, in line with the Group’s 2021-2030 Business Plan. If the technologies identified are deemed suitable for development and implementation, the In-novation Authority will provide financial support to selected Israeli startups, while A2A will support Research & Development, marketing and other global activities. 
The agreement is part of the Israel Innovation Authority’s “R&D and Pilot Collaboration with Multinational Corporations (MNCs)” programme, which was launched in 2005 and has been joined by a number of multinational companies from different sectors and pro-vides a unique framework for technological collaboration between large companies and innovative Israeli companies.

This Memorandum expands on an already existing collaboration between A2A and the Israeli Economic Mission in Italy, which has already produced the experimental project launched with the Israeli startup Aquarius-Spectrum:  in Brescia, where A2A manages the water cycle, water leaks are identified and repaired by means of the Aquarius monitor-ing system using both fixed and mobile acoustic sensors. 

For A2A, innovation is a strategic factor in its 2030 Business Plan, for which the Life Company is committed to create the infrastructures necessary to ensure sustainable growth of the country helping to improve people’s quality of life.
The Israel Innovation Authority, responsible for Israel’s innovation policy, is an independ-ent and impartial public agency that works for the benefit of Israel’s innovation ecosystem and the country’s economy in general. Its role is to nurture and develop Israel’s innova-tion resources, creating and strengthening the infrastructure and conditions necessary to support the entire knowledge industry.

“Circular Economy is among the newest tech fields in the world that are currently chang-ing our lives. This agreement between the A2A and the Israel Innovation 
Authority is a vote of confidence in the Israeli startup ecosystem and its ability to provide cutting edge solutions to meet the sustainability challenges of our time.,” said Chairperson of the Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Finance and Industry, Dr. Ami Applebaum.

“Collaboration between a company like A2A and Israeli companies will benefit from Is-rael’s prowess and experience with technological innovations and lead to the develop-ment of cutting-edge technologies in a variety of fields,” he continued. “A2A is glad to co-operate and learn from Israeli scientific and technological advancements in the field of environment sustainability This agreement is a testament to Israel’s role at the forefront of innovation, which is drawing international attention in many leading fields.”

With this partnership A2A further broadens its horizon in the search for innovative tech-nologies and tools that can strengthen the Group’s strategic businesses, such as the the management of the waste cycle through the recovery of materials and energy, re-newable energies, mobility and networks – stated Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of A2A – We are committed to the implementation of our ten-year Business Plan aimed at creating the infrastructures necessary to guarantee sustainable growth in the country: we also want to do this also through responsible innovation, which can generate technological solutions for the development of the circular economy and energy transition. The path to be taken with the Israel Innovation Authority, as well as the collaboration we already have with the Israeli Economic Mission in Milan, are valuable opportunities to develop new projects and initiatives useful for achieving the Group’s sustainability objectives.

“The collaboration with A2A is a new and unique model that does not only look at current needs and activities but seeks to address future needs and opportunities” – said Jonathan Hadar, Head of the Israeli economic mission in Milano. We were impressed by the program and its execution of A2A to become an important innovative player in municipal infrastructure and smart cities and we are proud to be a partner in this journey. 
This agreement is a result of an in-depth process that we made together with A2A to bring the Israeli innovation closer to the Italian ecosystem and I am sure we will see projects and results in the near future.”

About A2A
A2A is the Life Company that deals with energy, water and the environment, elements fundamental to life, thanks to the circular use of natural resources. It provides the areas and communities in which it operates with expertise and advanced technologies to im-prove people’s quality of life and contribute to the sustainable growth of the country. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, with over 12,000 employees, A2A is a leader in Italy in the environmental sector, from sorted waste collection to integrated waste management and material and energy recovery. The second largest energy producer in Italy by its in-stalled capacity, A2A also manages the sale and distribution of electricity and gas, the integrated water cycle, district heating, electric mobility, public lighting, energy efficiency interventions and solutions for the development of Smart Cities.