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The Israel Innovation Authority and International partners invite technological companies to submit joint proposals for Pilot projects under our Pilots Cooperation Program.


Relevant Technologies

All technology sector

Program Description

The goal of this collaboration is to accelerate the availability of innovations to the public, introduce Israeli technology to international industries, and advance the development and deployment of discoveries for the benefit of the world.


The preconditions and criteria for evaluation are detailed in the incentive program for Pilots with International Partners and in the case for pilots with Haire, under the incentive program Pilots with Multinational Corporations (MNCs)


  • For international companies, the financial support is decided upon and granted by the local governmental agency.
  • For pilot projects with Haier, additional support from the MNC will be provided in the form of in-kind services.
  • For full details regarding the financial support offered, please read the relevant Guidelines' document below.

Application Process

The application process is detailed in the incentive programs for Pilots with International Partners and Pilots with International Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

In addition to the Israeli companies’ application to the Israel Innovation Authority, their foreign partners must apply to the funding authority in their country. Applications that would not be submitted to both countries will not be approved. 

Please read the full details in the Program Guidelines: 

For additional information, please contact:


Program Manager, APAC


Israel Innovation Authority


Bilateral Application Form
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Partner Search Form
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Beijing - Program Guidelines
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Shandong - Program Guidelines
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Shanghai - Program Guidelines
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Taiwan - Program Guidelines
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Thailand - Program Guidelines
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Haier - Program Guidelines
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