RFI: Modular Residential Construction and Establishing Factories for Modular Units

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תיאור הקול הקורא

Participating Agencies


The National Technological Innovation Authority (“Israel Innovation Authority”) and the ministry of Housing and Construction of Israel (hereinafter: “the Requestors”) hereby invites the public to provide information on “Modular Residential Construction Using Modular Structures and Establishing Factories for the Manufacture of Modular Units” (“the RFI”). Any one interested in responding to the RFI, and in providing information, shall proceed in accordance with the details in these documents.

Relevant Technologies


Program Description

The Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Israel are cooperating to advance innovation in the construction field in general, and specifically in modular construction. As part of the advancement and incentivization of innovation activity and streamlining the construction industry in Israel, the Customers would like to examine the construction of a multistorey residential building with volumetric modular units as an innovative means of construction, featuring advantages in this respect. Within this initiative, high-rise module-based construction technologies manufactured through industrialized production, will be evaluated as part of the implementation processes of innovation in the construction industry.

As part of the collaboration between the Ministries, we invite the following: companies dealing in industrialized construction, technology companies working in the construction sector, contractors and construction companies to provide information regarding the design, fabrication and maintenance of residential buildings constructed using volumetric modular units and/or manufacturing processes of volumetric modular units. 

You are invited to a Webinar in which we will introduce the audience to the request for information (RFI) from the public working in this field, and kick off a conversation between the various companies intended to examine the possibility of building residential structures using modular construction, alongside setting up the manufacturing infrastructure for volumetric modular units.


What kind of information is being requested from the public?

The Ministries are seeking information as to the below:

  1. Data about the responder (occupation, main technologies, key personnel etc.)
  2. Construction of a residential structure using volumetric modular units:
    • A financial model and a risk assessment for the construction of structures using modular units
    • Design aspects – means and methods for designing a structure modularly, standards and licensing
    • Advanced technologies in the design and construction of the structure, including special equipment for the pilot
    • Benefits derived from constructing a structure using modular units (in terms of duration of design and build, costs, maintenance of the modular units, environmental benefits, energy benefits etc.)
    • Information about the data which can be collected and analyzed as part of such a pilot3
  3. Setting up a local factory in Israel to manufacture modular units
    • Financial model and a risk assessment for the setting up of the infrastructure for the manufacturing of modular units
    • The milestones and challenges in setting up a modular units manufacturing facility
    • Design aspects and required characteristics for a factory of this type (area required, set-up time, costs, factory output, profitability and so forth)
    • The equipment required for setting up manufacturing infrastructure in this field.

Application Process

Method of submitting the response to the RFI:

  • This RFI is subjected to Israel Innovation Authority track 2 – supporting technological innovation of the industry, jointly with government ministries, sub-track J –  joint support with the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Israel. In any case of a contradiction between this RFI and the directives of the track, the track directives shall take precedence.
  • A company interested in obtaining additional information, or which would like to respond to the RFI, is invited to read the full version of the RFI and its Appendix.
  • Responses to the RFI can be submitted no later than May 12, 2022 at 17:00 (IST)
  • Responses shall be sent to the following email address: