Israel-Terumo (Japan) Call for Proposals under the R&D Collaboration with Multinational Corporations Program (MNC)

תאריך אחרון להגשה 


תיאור הקול הקורא

Participating Agencies

Israel Innovation Authority


Call for proposals for joint R&D with Terumo in the fields of technology which can control the metal biodegradability (by surface treatment, new metal alloy development)

Relevant Technologies

Medical Devices, Life Sciences

Program Description

Terumo, the Japanese medical devices corporation, is opening a Call for Proposals for companies in the Medical devices and life science sectors for collaboration in Biodegradable Metal technologies.
Terumo is looking for companies/startups with the following technologies:

  • Technology for controlling the metal biodegradability in human body. Especially, surface treatment for Mg stent, new metal and new manufacturing process.
  • Medical device made by biodegradable metal (application: Cancer, Stroke, Neuro regeneration).
  • Surface treatment / modification of Mg-stent; Extend the Mg-alloy degradation time period
  • New biodegradability metal, New manufacturing process (Mg-alloy main)  ; Requirements; 
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: > 350MPa Breaking Elongation: > 20%

Companies that are interested in applying should send the proposal summary form to 


  • Current development status
  • Feasibility of the proposed technology
  • Past results (research publication(s), patent(s), additional information that can show technical capabilities.)
  • Development system


The proposals will be evaluated, on behalf of the Innovation Authority and Terumo. Companies, whose proposals are found suitable, will be invited to submit requests for support within the Innovation Authority’s Framework for R&D Cooperation with Multinational Companies Program (MNC).

Application Process

Companies that are interested in applying to the Call for Proposal should send the proposal’s summary form to by Spetember 15th, 2019.


Proposal Summary Form downloadable file