Call for Proposals to Join the Delegation to SFF X SWITCH Conference in Singapore

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Participating Agencies

Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD)
Israel Innovation Authority
Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Israel
Enterprise Singapore
Singapore Fintech Festival & Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology


Israel Innovation Authority, Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) and Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, invite Israeli technological companies to apply to participate in a delegation of R&D companies to Singapore, leaving on November 10 until November 15, 2019.
The delegation will participate in Israel’s national booth at the one of the largest innovation conferences in the world, SFF X SWITCH, where they will enjoy international exposure to leading companies and potential partners. The organizers will cover the companies’ participation in the national booth.

Relevant Technologies

Fintech, Cyber, AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, Natural Language Processing, Enterprise Software

Program Description

Singapore is known for being the world’s fourth largest financial center and a hub for many multinational companies. This year, one of the largest fintech events in the world – Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF), collaborates with the largest innovation event in Singapore (SWITCH). The combination of the two events will result in a large-scale technology event that will focus on diverse technology sectors. The delegation will participate and present at Israel’s national booth in SFF X SWITCH, and will enjoy an international exposure and numerous business opportunities. 

Technological companies from the sectors mentioned in this Call for Proposal are welcomed to apply to join the conference and present at the national booth.
The participating companies are welcomed to search for partners in Singapore for technological projects that can later lead to receipt of financial support from the SIIRD foundation.

The companies will receive support in scheduling B2B meetings with large companies, investors, financial institutes, government representatives and innovation and technology representatives in Singapore as well as visits to R&D and innovation centers. 
This is an opportunity for companies who wish to expand their activity to the Asian markets, receive some exposure to dominant and leading companies in Singapore and pitch their company in a prestigious conference that attracts top investors, entrepreneurs and experts from around the world.


  • The company must have the ability and the readiness to collaborate on both  R&D and business levels with local companies in Singapore. For this purpose, filling out and submitting the Partner Search form on SIIRD Foundation website is an advantage.
  • Companies in the sectors of: Fintech, Cyber, AI, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, Natural Language Processing.
  • The company owns a  product/process/technology in a beta stage/development stage/forming a development plan
  • The company owns a product/process/technology that is technologically feasible and has market potential


The delegation’s organizers will examine the companies that will apply. The chosen companies will get to present at the national booth, join events and meet businesses without additional costs with the exception of flights and accommodation, which will be carried by the selected companies. The delegation’s organizers will carry the costs of the national booth and the participation and hosting of one Israeli representative from each company (C-LEVEL executive – CEO, CTO, Product Manager, R&D manager).
The chosen companies are requested to provide a security deposit in the amount of $1000. The security deposit will be returned at the end of the activity. 

  • Final decisions regarding the delegation’s participants will be made during September-October 2019.

Application Process

To apply click here.

Partner Search

Submission of a Partner Search form on SIIRD’s website – an advantage.