Olive Diagnostics 

Company description – Olive Diagnostics has developed the worlds first 100% continuous passive urinalysis system that mounts to any toilet. The passive nature of the product makes it possible to get 5-7 tests a day. The data is stored in the cloud and is used for early disease detection. By catching a disease early, prior to the development of symptoms the user will require less staff work, treating is faster and less complicated and it tremendously increases life quality. We believe that it is OK to be sick, but there is no reason to feel sick.  


  • Company name –  AGAVI LTD
  • Designation – CEO, Founder 
  • Full name of the organization representative – Avigail Osnat Anavi 
  • Contact Email –
  • Visit the company’s website 

Company description – AGAVI founded in 2019, our goals are helping humanity, AGAVI filter for air conditioning system is a solution for clean air indoor the filter located in the open grill of the ducts of HVAC. As we know the ducts transport bacteria viruses and fungi to the rooms, which are the cause of viral infections and death,by using AGAVI FILTER coated with a substance that damages bacteria and viruses we   care to air quality and give Solution for clean air in homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, hotels, restaurants, buses, and nursing homes.  AGAVI FILTER is headquartered in Israel. Technology  –  AGAVI FILTER coated with elements patented technology and HEPA filters that disinfects indoor air until 99.99% effectiveness in elimination viruses’ bacteria, germs, and allergens (including SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A). 


Company description –  HT Vista LTD is the UK subsidiary of HT Bioimaging (HTVET), an Israeli-based company, founded in 2017. Our mission is to promote early diagnosis of cancer and save pets’ lives, by empowering clinicians to rule out cancer quickly and confidently.


Company description –  PATTERNOX LTD is a new Israeli start-up that developed an innovative imaging method, capable of extracting lesion distortions. This distortion imaging does not rely on the ubiquitous mole color change but rather on deformations occurring below the skin surface. During 2021 – 2023, our scanner has already been used in over 440 lesions, over 13,170 measurements, at SKINCENTER with Dr. Barry Galitzer, MD.
Our scanner will be utilized by home users, GP’s and dermatologists to monitor distortions in lesions, which serve as early indicators of skin cancer, well before it progresses into a cancerous condition or cosmetic concern.

Gyntools Ltd. 

Company description –  GynTools provides Gyni, the only multicausal, accurate, rapid and cost-effective point-of-care diagnostic system for vaginitis, the most common gynecological condition that is misdiagnosed today in 50% of first clinic visits. 

We started marketing with a commercial pilot with Israeli HMO & IDF (Israeli Defence Forces)in Israel and have distribution agreements in Switzerland, Benelux, Poland & South Korea. Our solution is addressing a multi billion$,  blue ocean market!
GYNI is CE-marked and AMAR approved. GynTools is ISO13485 certified. 

Infiniplex Ltd. 

Company description –   young tech-bio company aiming to enable real-time cancer treatment monitoring accurately and economically in real-time.
We do so by testing for hundreds of established and actionable cancer tumor mutations residues in the blood, through 5ml of a blood test, by leveraging the real-time PCR platforms (the most used microbiology platform, as was recently used globally for COVID-19), all in four test tubes (aliquots).
As the ratio of cancer-mutated DNA to regular healthy DNA is below 1:1000 in the blood, and the difference is often a single DNA nucleotide (letter), it is difficult to make accurate tests that detect changes in tumors in this scenario.
With our technology, AI is used to design our molecules (primers) that interact with these mutations and detect them while not interacting with each other (being hundreds of tests in each test tube) in a manner later decipherable into becoming clinical guidance.
Hence, our patent pending AI molecule design system and our patented molecular designs and alterations allow us to do same-day cancer monitoring tests quickly and economically in a high throughput scenario in any clinic with basic blood testing capabilities. 

Infiniplex Ltd. 

  • Company name –  VR-Obotics (new venture under Lancelot.AI Ltd.)
  • Designation – CTO
  • Full name of the organization representative – Guy Avidan
  • Contact Email –
  • Visit the company’s website 

Company description –  The VRobotics project is dedicated to developing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions that greatly benefit medical procedures for both healthcare professionals and patients. Their product lineup incorporates advanced machine learning tools and artificial intelligence, empowering users to explore extensive sets of data on a large scale. These cutting-edge technologies enhance various aspects of medical processes, revolutionizing the way doctors operate and improving patient outcomes.


  • Company name –  Trobix Bio
  • Designation – CEO
  • Full name of the organization representative – Adi Elkeles
  • Contact Email –
  • Visit the company’s website 

Company description – Trobix Bio s a preclinical stage company pioneering development of precision microbiome therapeutics for oncology patients, as many of them die from side effects of cancer treatments and suffer from severe drop in “quality-of-life” due to these treatments. Trobix proprietary TBX™ technology platform offers a new modality to reprogram specific functions in selected target bacteria, converging advanced computational with synthetic and experimental biology to engineer phages that deliver CRISPR payloads as oral medicines. These product candidates have shown exceptional precision with robust and consistent efficacy in vitro and in vivo. The company has raised a total of about $10 million in equity and non-dilutive funding to date.
Compelling in vitro validation of lead products, TBX201 and TBX301, triggered a $3 million Series A extension financing from lead institutional investor Chartered Group. The proceeds are sufficient to complete preclinical PoC with TBX201 and TBX301 for prevention and treatment of severe side effects from irinotecan or immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), respectively. In parallel, Trobix Bio will gather regulatory feedback from the FDA to prepare for the expeditious initiation of investigational new drug (IND) enabling studies in 2024 on both products.  


Company description – Magdent is revolutionizing the world of dental implants with its innovative pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) healing abutments. 
Magdent’s patented device works with standard implants, unlocking powerful healing by activating and accelerating the body’s natural biological processes.
The breakthrough technology is proven to reduce inflammation, becoming an essential component in suppressing peri-implantitis, a condition that occurs in about 40% of implant procedures and can lead to implant failure.
The Miniaturized Electromagnetic Devices (MED) stimulate bone 
formation and improve the quality of both hard and soft tissue, so recovery time is shortened by two-thirds.
Their unique curative properties enable oral health professionals to improve patient outcomes, especially for high-risk patients such as heavy smokers, for whom traditional implants may not be possible.

Eleven Therapeutics Ltd. 

  • Company name – Eleven Therapeutics Ltd.
  • Designation – Co-founder & COO
  • Full name of the organization representative – Shaul Ilan
  • Contact Email –
  • Visit the company’s website 

Company description – Eleven Therapeutics is a groundbreaking multi-platform biotechnology company that pioneers the next generation of mRNA therapeutics through combinatorial chemistry and AI. Founded in 2020 by world-leading interdisciplinary scientists, our company comprises 30 employees across three strategic hubs: Cambridge (UK), Boston (US), and Tel-Aviv (Israel), strategically positioned to tap into the world’s top talent pools. To date, Eleven Therapeutics has secured $22M in seed investment from renowned venture capitalists and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We have submitted 10 patents and published two manuscripts. In 2023, our company was selected as one of the 50 most promising start-ups in Israel, a country renowned for its vibrant start-up culture. Notably, we were the only Israeli biotech company on the list.

PRC Cardio Optic Ltd. 

Company description – PRC Cardio Optic Ltd. is a start-up company that owns certain patents and IPs for real-time vision inside occluded arteries and other organs aiming for safer and better efficient procedures.  The company-based team includes over 100 accumulated years of experience as PhD in computer science and electronic, Cardio vascular Professor, Healthcare Business Development expert and Physicist.    
A visual system that addresses unmet need of real time looking few centimeters inside a blocked artery at any relevant angiogram or other invasive procedure. The system should significantly increase safety and efficiency in such procedures and will also decrease the dosage of contrast material. 


  • Company name -Pre-Cure
  • Designation – CEO
  • Full name of the organization representative – Dan Simhon  
  • Contact Email –

Company description – Pre-Cure transforming cancer treatment selection powered by advanced customized and microfluidic tumor-on-a-chip technology, with wealth of functional biological data  “organ on a chip” becomes “patient on a chip” and  the entire clinical journey is reflected to provide accurate individual therapy predictions.


  • Company name – Briya
  • Designation – VP Business Development
  • Full name of the organization representative – Dan Peres
  • Contact Email – 
  • Visit the company’s website 

Company description – Briya is an end-to-end decentralized data retrieval platform enabling real-time retrieval of high quality unified longitudinal data in the most secure and seamless way possible.  The platform provides the fastest and most reliable access to data from your data sources with one simple query. Briya makes the process of obtaining and sharing data simple, ensuring data quality is maintained, while constantly protecting patient privacy and fully adhering to compliance and regulations.
Briya’s vision is to connect to as many healthcare organizations as possible, which will help standardize the process of global data sharing for best research practices and results.
Briya’s business model is B2B. Briya is both selling its data retrieval, de-identification and curation technology on a subscription license basis and builds a data exchange network on a revenue share basis.
Briya’s unique platform can provide significant value to all healthcare organizations and provide secured access to medical data – for internal and external research, product development or monetization.

LiteBC Ltd. 

  • Company name – LiteBC Ltd
  • Designation – CEO & Co-Founder
  • Full name of the organization representative – Or Peleg 
  • Contact Email –
  • Visit the company’s website 

Company description –  LiteBC is an early stage MedTech startup based in Yokneam, Israel. The company is a spin-off from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology.LiteBC technology is exclusively licensed from the Technion and consists of 5 patent families with granted patents in the United States and Europe.
The company was founded be Dr Or. Peleg and Barry Loevsky while working as researchers in the Technion. Both Or and Barry have experience leading startups and delivering high technical projects in corporate organizations. The company employees 10 full time employees and several part time employees with expertise in medical devices, Biz Dev, Product, Optics, computer vision, algorithm development and control SW.
LiteBC is a growing company and looking forward to building its global collaborations both commercially and technically.

Puremagics LTD. 

Company description –  Puremagics is a biotechnology company active in the algae world We conduct R&D, cultivation, and production of Natural Astaxanthin, The company specializes in producing pure high-quality raw material and developing natural health products based on Astaxanthin in a wide range of applications.


Company description –  OncoHost develops personalized tools to guide treatment selection for cancer patients, based on blood and tissue analysis.
The company had launched the PROphet NSCLC test in the US as an LDT (Laboratory Developed Test), and is expected to launch similar tests for additional indications (e.g. RCC, HNC, melanoma, SCLC, irAEs) during 2023-4. 

Israel Aerospace Industries 

  • Company name – OncoHost
  • Designation – Director HealthTech & Bioconvergence technologies innovation
  • Full name of the organization representative – Yishai Falick 
  • Contact Email – 
  • Visit the company’s website

Company description –  2nd largest exporter in Israel 5B-USD space and defence industry with a bioconvergence novel business line focusing on: Electro optics, sensors, remote monitoring, robotics, AI, Big data analysis&Data science, image capture and analysis. System of systems integration. 


W endoluminal robotics 

  • Company name – W endoluminal robotics
  • Designation – 
  • Full name of the organization representative – Prof. Nir Shvalb
  • Contact Email – 
  • Visit the company’s website

Company description – Revolutionizing bronchoscopy procedures through the development of a state-of-the-art robotic system. Our groundbreaking technology offers real-time imaging capabilities, providing unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

At W, we go beyond simply creating a motorized bronchoscope. We have pioneered a paradigm shift in the field, introducing a new way of thinking that enables needle-in-the-tissue verification, ultimately unlocking the potential for advanced therapeutics. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are dedicated to designing an entirely new hardware and software ecosystem.



The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Contact Email –

Ariel University

  1. Researcher Name – Prof. Albert Pinhasov (Rector of Ariel University)
    Faculty Name – Life Sciences
    Core technology – Biologicals
    Main research field – Drug Discovery, Psychopharmacology, medical devices

    website –,%20…;
    Contact Email – 
  2. Researcher Name – Prof. Nir Shvalb (Vice Dean)
    Faculty Name – Faculty of Engineering
    Core technology – Machinery & Robotics
    Main research field – Robotics, Medical Robotics

    website – 
    Contact Email – 

Ben-Gurion University

  1. Researcher Name – Prof. Angel Porgador (Dean)
    Faculty Name – Faculty of Health Sciences
    Core technology – Biologicals, Materials & Substances 
    Main research field – Cancer Immunotherapy

    website – 
    Contact Email – 
  2. Researcher Name – Prof. Moshe Elkabets
    Faculty Name – Faculty of Health Sciences
    Core technology – Platforms & Interfaces, Biologicals, Machinery & Robotics
    Main research field – Cancer therapeutics and Diagnostics

    website – 
    Contact Email –
  3. Researcher Name – Prof. Moshe Elkabets
    Faculty Name – Faculty of Health Sciences (Head of the Molecular Cognition Laboratory)
    Core technology – Biologicals
    Main research field – Alzheimer’s disease and drug development

    website – 
    Contact Email – 
  4. Researcher Name – Dr. Ron Lahav (Head of NIBN)
    Faculty Name – National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev (NIBN) 
    Core technology – Biologicals, Platforms & Interfaces
    Main research field –Biotechnology 

    NIBN is an accelerator promoting early stage applied research and discovery. The NIBN is a registered privately owned company since November 2009, an independent multi-disciplinary innovative and applied research accelerator located within Ben Gurion University (BGU), Beer Sheva. NIBN’s mission is to accelerate, fund and guide applied innovative research through a define discovery and research program until successful preclinical proof-of-concept and commercialization.  NIBN leads more than 20 projects in the fields of cancer, autoimmune, inflammatory, metabolic disease, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases, AgBio.  NIBN management team guides and leads all aspects through successful proof-of-concept and commercialization, including project management, intellectual property strategy and application, legal, business development and KoL consultation. The NIBN is open to strategic partnerships and collaborations with Academia and Industry.

    website – 
    Contact Email – 

Shaare Zedek Medical Center 

website – 
Contact Email – 

Sheba Medical Center 

website – 
Contact Email – 

Assuta University Hospital

website – 
Contact Email – 

The Weizmann Institute of Science

website – 
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