Open DateSeptember 19th, 2022

Deadline for Submission of Expressions of Interest (EOIs)November 14, 2022

Program Description

The Israel Innovation Authority, together with HealthIL, the Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem in Israel, and selected international health centers jointly open the International Health-Tech Partnership Program. Interested Israeli companies are invited to submit applications to co-develop, pilot, test, adapt and optimize impactful healthcare-related technologies, services, and devices in a clinical environment at leading global hospitals (listed in alphabetic order):

The goals of the collaboration are to stimulate transnational partnerships, accelerate the availability of medical innovations to the public, introduce Israeli healthcare technology to global markets, and advance the development of discoveries for the benefit of patients all over the world.

Successful applicant companies will receive funding from the Israel Innovation Authority, in addition to support from the partnering hospital.

Please see the full details in the following Program Guidelines (listed in alphabetic order):    
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin – Program Guidelines
HHC – Program Guidelines
Mayo Clinic – Program Guidelines
Northern Health Science Alliance  (NHSA) – Program Guidelines 
Thomas Jefferson – Program Guidelines

Relevant Technologies

Healthcare-related technologies, services, and devices. Each hospital has unique interest areas, listed in the program guidelines.

Conditions and Criteria

There are two possible collaboration tracks:

  1. R&D Collaboration: in this track, joint R&D is conducted and an agreement is reached between both partners (the Israeli company and international health center) regarding IP (intellectual property) share. The expenses of the international partner cannot be approved as part of the budget submitted to the Authority for funding. 
  2. Pilot Collaboration:  In this track, no new IP is created, and there is no joint development; rather, existing technology is adapted, and the Israeli company maintains absolute IP ownership. Under the following conditions, the international partner’s expenses may be recognized as part of the approved budget to be funded by the Israel Innovation Authority:
    • The international partner is regarded as a subcontractor and will have no ownership on the IP.
    • When 10% or more of the approved budget is used to fund subcontractor expenses abroad, the Innovation Authority’s percentage of support in budgeting for subcontractor expenses abroad shall not exceed 30%.

Examples for recognized expenses: The Israeli Company’s activity required to complete the project, such as renting equipment, personnel, and subcontractors, adapting a product for marketing, registering patents, and air travel.
Example for unrecognized expenses: Fees for IRB approval, health organization overheads, administrative, office, accounting, and legal expenses.

Application Process

The application process has two phases:

  1. First Phase – by November 14, 2022: submitting an Expression of Interest Form (EOI) to the chosen hospitals. See Hebrew website for full details.
  2. Second Phase: selected companies will be invited to submit a full application to the Israel Innovation Authority. All details will be shared with the selected companies.