Digitalization and Automation in the Oil and Gas Industry - Challenges and Opportunities

Creating Value through Partnerships and Innovation



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01/05/2019 - 13/06/2019

Target Audience

Target Audience

Target audience...


Big Data & Analytics
Energy Efficiency
Machine Learning
Oil and Gas
Oilfield Services Companies
Renewable Energy
Technological Companies
Unmanned Systems
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), 2 Ahuzat Bayit, Tel Aviv

About the Event

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Following the success of last year's event, which attracted key professionals from the oil and gas industry and 125 Israeli tech companies for discussions on how novel digitalization and automation technologies can create value in the oil and gas industry, we are pleased to continue and deepen this important, business-oriented dialogue.

The oil and gas industry is in the midst of major transformations. The need to increase efficiencies and cut costs, to increase productivity and further exploit known reservoirs, and to comply with strict HSE regulations are all key drivers for major changes in the way the industry has operated in recent decades. In addition, be it because of regulation, public opinion, or a shortage of natural resources, it is clear that the future energy portfolio will have a higher share of sustainable resources in it.  As a result, oil and gas companies are proactively seeking a transition path to become truly holistic energy companies.

Technology and innovation, and more specifically, digitalization and automation technologies are increasingly being deployed in the oil and gas industry, helping the industry to successfully address the challenges it faces. Technological breakthroughs in fields like energy storage and energy management have a key role to play in enabling and accelerating the transition to the future energy world.

Israel, known throughout the world as the "Start-Up Nation", is a global innovation hub, with the highest share, globally, of R&D investments as a percentage of GDP. Israel hosts over 300 R&D centers of multinational companies; for many, it’s the only R&D center out of their home countries. Israel has been traditionally strong in ICT-related technologies and today has a thriving ecosystem abundant in researchers, start-ups, accelerators, incubators, mature companies, MNCs, and investors in fields such as Industrial IoT, big data & analytics, AI & machine learning, deep learning, machine vision, AR/VR, scalable computing systems, cloud environment, unmanned systems, blockchain, industrial cyber security, and more.

In addition to the conference itself, new this year, the program will integrate a field visit to meet the Israeli innovation ecosystem. This will help decision makers from the oil and gas industry form first-hand impressions of the local ecosystem and deepen their understanding of how to effectively engage with it and the value they could generate as a result.

Israeli industry and its innovation capacities provide a unique opportunity to create immense value in the oil and gas industry. Clearly, this will happen only through dialogue and cooperation. The 2nd "Digitalization and Automation in the Oil and Gas Industry – Challenges and Opportunities" event, organized by the Israel Innovation Authority, is designed to do exactly that: create a focused and engaging forum for discussing the challenges the oil and gas industry is facing and innovative technologies that bear the potential to successfully address them.

Designated participants from the Oil and Gas / Oilfield Service companies include:
CTOs, CIOs, Corporate Technology Venture Units, VPs Innovation/Digital Transformation, VPs Operations, Senior Technology and Engineering Management, Directors New Energy Business

Designated participants from Israeli Technological companies include:
CEOs and CTOs of companies in fields related to industrial digitalization, industrial automation, industrial cyber security and new energy solutions, including: Industrial IoT, big data & analytics, AI & machine learning, deep learning, machine vision, AR/VR, scalable computing systems, cloud environment, unmanned systems, blockchain, industrial cyber security, energy storage, renewable energies, and energy management. 


Sunday, 23 June - 19:00

Welcome dinner for speakers and international guests, hosted by the Israel Innovation Authority (by invitation only)

Monday, 24 June - 08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:30

Opening Remarks

- Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman, Israel Innovation Authority & Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry

- Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Minister of Energy, Israel

- Dan Brouillette, Deputy Secretary, US Department of Energy

09:30 - 10:30

Session 1: Overview

Moderator: Gil Shaki, Head of Energy, Israel Innovation Authority

  • Leviathan field: Current state of activity
    Moshe Kivshany, Subsea Engineering Supervisor, Noble Energy
  • Karish Field: Current state of activity and Implemented Technologies
    Simon Warren, Operations Manager, Energean
  • Digital Transformation: Outcome driven with AI at the core
    Dale Sperazza, Upstream Digital Director, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
  • From the prospective of an Indian oil and gas industry: Opportunities and challenges in adoption of digital technologies
  • Subrat Nayak, Chief General Manager (Information Systems), Indian Oil
  • Digital Technology Vision: strategic planning of Gazprom Neft
    Anton Beskhodarny, Digital Strategy Program Manager, Gazprom Neft
  • Challenges in discovering and developing hydrocarbon resources offshore Israel
    Dr. Miki Gardosh, Head of Geology & Geophysics, Ministry of Energy, Israel
10:30 - 10:45

Keynote: How to make machines smarter in the oil and gas industry?

Greg Powers, VP Global Innovation, Halliburton

10:45 - 11:15

Coffee Break and Networking

11:15 - 12:40

Session 2: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Data

Moderator: Eldad Weiss, Founder and ex-CEO, Paradigm

  • Automation of seismic driven analysis through Machine Learning technologies
    Anat Canning, R&D Director for Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Quantitative Interpretation, Emerson E&P
  • How could AU and GPU-accelerated computing reduce the cost of finding, extracting, processing and delivering oil and gas?
    Ofir Zamir, Director Solutions Architecture, Nvidia
  • Creating value in the Oil and Gas Industry through Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and automation technologies
    Christos Toyas, DELFI Champion, Europe, Schlumberger
  • Repsol Transformation: Towards full potential vallue through data
    Juan Antonio Monterroso Martin, Digitalization Director, Upstream, Repsol
  • Technicial of the Future: How AI and IoT transform productivity, engagement and safety?
    Dr. Asaf Adi, Senior Manager, IoT and Wearables, IBM Haifa Research Lab
  • Maximizing ROIfrom AI in oil and gas
    Michael Zolotov, CTO, Razor-Labs
  • Technology pitches
    Go Arc | Pixtier | Precognize | Rodmarine | OpenLegacy
12:40 - 14:10

Session 3: Automated & Unmanned Systems

Moderator: Zvi (Kul) Karcz, VP Exploration, Delek Drilling

  • Cyber plant: Unmanned design and digital operational requirements for critical equipment
    Ilaria Parrella, Data Science and Business Analysis Engineering Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
  • Case Study: Field Services with Augmented Reality
    Zach Wilcock, Intelligent Operations Manager, BPX
    Evyatar Meiron, CEO, Fieldbit
  • Achieving full lifecycle gas tranmission automation through digitalization
    Yehiel Viner, Innovation Manager, Israel Natural Gas Lines
  • Learning from other industries: autonomic heavy-duty machinery in mining
    Elad Abbo, Business Development Manager, Robotic Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries
  • Analytical neural network detection for mooring integrity
    Peter O'Toole, Maintenance & Integrity Manager, Energean
  • Case Study: Refinery TAR management using advanced cellular tools
    Yariv Gratz, VP, Refinery Business Unit Manager, Bazan Mobideo
    Yaron Eppel, CEO, Mobideo
  • uROV: a new paradigm for autonomous underwater vehicle platforms
    Jack Vincent, Product Champion, Subsea IMR Services, OneSubsea
  • Technology pitches
    Adwise | Edgybees | Ezmems | NoManDig | iMeasure | IOVi | SeaErra
14:10 - 14:50

Lunch Break and Networking

14:50 - 15:30

Session 4: Cyber Protection of Critical Infrastructure

Moderator: Avi Shavit, Cyber Security Expert, Israel Innovation Authority

  • Leviathan: Secure by design
    Yaki Almozlino, International IT Director, Noble Energy
  • How did the oil & gas cyber security space change in the last 5 years?
    Mille Gandelsman, CTO, Indegy
  • Anomaly detection, cybersecurity & operational reliability in Mediterranean FPSO
    Ilan Gendelman, CTO & Co-Founder SIGA OT Solutions
  • Oil and gas cyber security - how advanced players deploy modern OT security
    Lior Frenkel, CEO, Waterfall Security
  • Technology pitches
    Cyberbit | NanoLock | ShieldIOT | SecuPi
15:30 - 16:15

Session 5: Show me the Money: Oil & Gas Investments "Hotspots"

Moderator: Gil Shaki, Head of Energy, Israel Innovation Authority

Presentations and panel discussions with:

  • Chad Bown, Venture Principal, BP Ventures
  • Luis Alcoser, Venture Principal, Chevron Ventures
  • Aurore Dochy, Early Investments Associate, External Technology Engagement, TechnipFMC
16:15 - 17:15

Session 6: The Transition from Oil and Gas to Energy Companies

Moderator: Meir Bengio, Advisor, ex-VP Production Group Software, Schlumberger

  • Transforming E.ON from an integrated utility to a customer facing company driven by innovation
    Dr. Philipp Ulbrich, VP Head of Scouting & Co-Investments; Managing Director of E.ON: agile Accelerator, E.ON
  • Wireless Electric Roads: The future of EV charging
    Oren Ezer, Co-Founder & CEO, Electreon
  • EV charging immpact on future "fulling"
    Doron Frenkel, CEO, Driivz
  • Eliminating range anxiety with ultra-fast charging
    Avraham Edelstein, Senior System Architect, Storedot
  • Propelling growth, strategy and innovation with AI
    Gal Jacobi, VP Marketing, Sparkbeyond
  • Technology pitches
    Brenmiller Energy | Enervibe | NrgStorEdge | TankU
17:15 - 18:00

Refreshments and Networking

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 (08:15 - 19:00)

Visiting the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem (for foreign participants)

Join a Field Visit to the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem. The program consists o f visits to selected R&D, acceletation and open innovation centers active in Israel. Along the day participants will be exposed bo cutting edge technologies developed in Israel in the energy, transportation and digital fields, as well as to various modes of engagement with the Israeli innovation ecosystem. Arranged transportation will be offered to participants throughout the day.

* For complete day's agenda, click here


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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), 2 Ahuzat Bayit, Tel Aviv