.Kerem Nevo VP and Head of Growth Division .
Kerem Nevo
VP and Head of Growth Division

As head of the Growth Division, whose target audience includes Israeli high-tech’s
growth companies and large corporations, Kerem brings vast experience in
understanding the needs and challenges of Israeli companies that are looking to grow
and establish themselves in the Israeli ecosystem. Growth companies are a crucial
component in Israel’s innovation ecosystem and in order to strengthen their competitive
edge in the global arena we need to meet their unique needs and provide solutions to
their challenges that differ from other segments in the ecosystem, such as startups.
Presently, Keren is the Chief of Staff at Wix handling it’s business strategy, organizational
processes, business collaborations, operations, investors relations, corporate social
responsibility and more. In addition to her position as Wix, Kerem launched and managed
the Growth Companies’ Forum aimed at removing barriers and helping high-tech
companies grow and expand in Israel.