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The Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) is a co-operation between the Singapore Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the Israel Innovation Authority to promote, facilitate and support joint industrial R&D collaboration between Singapore-based companies and Israel-based companies across different industries, and to provide research grants and government funding for SMEs.

Relevant Technologies

All technology sectors

Participating Agencies

The Singapore Israel Industrial Ru0026D Foundation (SIIRD)

Program Description

Through joint R&D collaboration and SIIRD’s funding, companies have:

  • Created new/enhanced products and technology,
  • Expanded product portfolio for customers,
  • Created new markets, and
  • Shortened time to bring new/enhanced products and technology into the market

SIIRD seeks to promote research and development in Singapore and Israel by helping Singapore-based and Israel-based companies with R&D Partner Search, and providing up to US$1M in funding for joint R&D projects between them.


SIIRD provides research and development (R&D) funding up to US$1M for joint R&D projects between companies based in Singapore and Israel. Interested companies are welcome to apply for this funding by following the instructions in the Proposal Submission page in SIIRD website ( For projects approved after May 2017, the grant disbursements to Singapore and Israeli companies would be in local currency i.e. Singapore Dollars and Israeli Shekels respectively.
The SIIRD funding covers the R&D portion of the companies’ total development cost in the joint projects. Part of the funding is also extended towards joint commercialization activities in the project.


The application must be jointly submitted by a Singapore-registered company and an Israel-registered company. Either company must not have more than 20% shareholding in the partnering company. The joint project must be undertaken in Singapore and Israel. At least 30% of the actual R&D work must be done in Singapore as well as in Israel. Technology and product developed must have potential for commercialization.

Since June 2011, the SIIRD programme has been broadened to include non-commercial Research and Development entities in Singapore (A*STAR research institutes, R&D entities in the Universities, Polytechnics, etc.).

Application Process

  1. Discuss and Decide to Collaborate:
    If there is interest to submit a project co-funding application to SIIRD, after their discussion on joint R&D collaboration, Companies are advised to contact the SIIRD Managers in the respective countries to understand more about the SIIRD Program and to share with the SIIRD Managers the proposed project in mind.
  2. Submit Executive Summary to SIIRD
    If SIIRD is receptive to the proposal, both Companies shall jointly prepare an Executive Summary using the Guidelines for Executive Summary and submit to SIIRD via Email.
  3. Submit Full Proposal to SIIRD
    After the submission of the Executive Summary, both Companies shall work on the Full Proposal using SIIRD’s Guidelines and Templates. Both Companies can use the following checklist to double-check on the documents required for the official submission:

    • Full R&D Proposal with Project Gantt Chart, Project Members’ Resumes, Revenue Forecast Table and Audited Financial Reports of Each Company
    • Project Budget of Each Company
    • Other Supporting Documents, if any
    • The finalised set of documents are to be submitted to SIIRD via Email, and 5 sets of hardcopy to the SIIRD Singapore Office.
    • After sending the material by e-mail and receiving a confirmation email from SIIRD – the Israeli company will be required to access the Innovation Authority’s website to fill out a questionnaire and upload the forms in the website
  4. Project Evaluation
    Following the Full Proposal Submission, Evaluation Meetings will be conducted in Singapore and Israel at the Companies’ premises respectively. Independent Reviewers and the SIIRD team will visit the Companies and presentation on the Project will be required from both Companies during the Meetings.
  5. SIIRD Board Approval
    After the Project Evaluation, the Project Proposal will be presented to the SIIRD Board for approval. The SIIRD Board Meeting is convened twice a year. Approval’s decision of the SIIRD Board will be conveyed in writing to both Companies

Please enter the SIIRD website for submission of proposals

Partner Search

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For additional information, please contact:

Name: Adi Maller
Position: Program Manager
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority