Koril Strategic Program

KORIL Strategic Program – Smart Transportation and Semiconductors

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Korea Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (KORIL-RDF) is a bi-national foundation, created by the governments of the Republic of Korea and the State of Israel, whose mission is to promote & support technological collaboration in innovative R&D between commercial companies in both countries.

Participating Agencies

Israel Innovation Authority
Korea-Israel Industrial Ru0026D Foundation

Program Description

The objective of the Lighthouse Program is to combine forces – Industry and Academia – in joint R&D to achieve a significant breakthrough in the field of Semiconductors and Smart Mobility.
This framework gives Israeli front-end companies and academies the opportunity to enjoy collaborations with leading companies and academic research institutes in Korea, to be part of groundbreaking and innovative research and development in these fields and a high grant for joint projects based on technological innovation.

Relevant Technologies: 

Technological companies in Korea and Israel that are interested in doing join R&D in Smart Mobility, Semiconductors and the following sub-segments of Autonomous transportation:

  1. Electric vehicles
  2. Railroads
  3. Aviation and aerospace
  4. Autonomous vehicles

* This program is operated under the Authority’s incentive program for Bilateral Funds in Hebrew and in English as well as on the Israel-Korea Fund (KORIL) website.


  • The KORIL-RDF total project funding will be up to US$5,000,000 per project or 30% – 50% of the total eligible project cost, whichever is lower.
  • There is an option for self-funding – if interested, please contact KORIL representatives for future information.
  • The support offered is detailed in the Authority’s incentive program for Bilateral Funds in Hebrew and in English as well as on the Israel-Korea Fund (KORIL) website.


Evaluation Criteria for both program’s technolgy vectors include:

  • Hight Level of Innovation/Novelty
  • Potential for Commercialization Success
  • Technical and Financial Capabilities
  • Commercialization/Marketing Capability
  • Complementarity to each country/Company
  • Synergy Between Companies, relevant background
  • Reliability of the work and budget plan


  • The consortiums must involve at least one company and one research institution (university or institute) from each country (2 or 3) x (2 or 3), no more than 6 entities in total
  • Academia as a subcontractor in the consortium can get up to 30% of the budget (each side) Either company must not have more than 20% shareholding in the partnering company (Unrelated companies).
  • Commercial product / technology.
  • Companies must be able to fund the supplementary part to their project budget after a grant.

Application Process

Proposals should be jointly prepared and submitted by both companies to KORIL-RDF offices, simultaneously via the specific platform for each partner:

  1. For the Israeli partner: Israel Innovation Authority online system, no later than the final submission deadline as noted above.
  2. For the Korean partner: the KORIL-RDF Korea office online system, no later than the final submission deadline as noted above.
  3. All the needed documents can be downloaded from KORIL-RDF website: https://new.koril.org/content/fund02_02

Please note!

  1. The Israeli company must register on the Israel Innovation Authority’s system (companies that applied for the Authority’s support before, using the same user) and upload the proposal.
  2. It is recommended to submit the proposal ASAP. Please do not wait for the last minute. KORIL-RDF will accept only proposals that were submitted on time. KORIL-RDF won’t be able to accept proposals submitted later than the deadline as above.
  3. Please make sure that both partners successfully submitted the proposal on both platforms! KORIL-RDF will not be able to accept proposals that were submitted only on one platform.
  4. KORIL-RDF doesn’t have a process enabling appeals for rejected projects.
  5. Since this is only the first phase of submission, you are kindly asked to submit your EOI by the deadline of August 14th, 2024 at 14:00 (Israel Time).

For additional information, please contact:

Name: Program Manager, APAC
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority