Israel-Russia Eighth Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects

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In the framework of the activities foreseen by the Agreement on industrial and technological research and
development cooperation between Russia and Israel, the Government of the Russian Federation and The
Government of the State of Israel, The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs on behalf of the
Russian Federation and ISERD on behalf of the State of Israel- Innovation Authority, Ministry of Economy, are
announcing the procedures for the selection of R&D projects eligible for financial support within this framework.

Requirements for projects:

    • The product, process or service must be innovative with new technologies;

    • Life expectancy of technology commercialization – approximately 3-5 years;

    • The project must be mutually significant for participants from both countries with a clear commercial or industrial application of markets in Israel, Russia and world.

Relevant Technologies

All technologies

Participating Agencies

Government of the Russian Federation

Program Description

Program scope:
This call aims at developing innovative products and applications in all technological and application

The requirements to be followed in order to apply to the present Call are:

    • The Israeli partner must be Industrial entity (company) which may be technologically and scientifically assisted by Industrial or non industrial entity (e.g.: university research institute etc.) as subcontractor;

    • The Russian partner can be an industrial entity (company) or a non industrial entity (e.g.: university, research institute etc.) or have a team that can carry out a research program on the Project.

The Russian and Israeli partners must express the will to cooperate, on a mutually significant basis, towards
the development of a new product, industrial process or service.

Requirements for application:

    • The application must be submitted on behalf of the partners in Russian Federation and the State of

    • Israel;

    • The application must contain the partnership agreement on the commercialization of the product, process or service once the phase of research and development has been completed and the ownership and use of knowhow and IPR settlements (“Partnership Agreement”)

    • The application is issued in accordance with the requirements Presented by: Innovation Authority – for Israeli partners and by Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs – for Russian partners.


Modalities for the financial support of the projects:

    • Projects in the frame of this call will be financed by the respective national authorities in Russia & Israel, in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations & procedures in effect. Every selected project can be financed based on the eligible  osts of research and development.

    • In Israel:
      Funding rate is determined according to the applicable funding scheme. When the project is successful, repayment of royalties may apply according to applicable rules and procedures. No repayment is due when the project does not reach the stage of the commercialization. The Israeli industrial partner will have to comply with the procedures, rules and regulations of the Innovation Authority funding scheme.

    • In Russia:
      Russian partner should submit the application to the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. The project must comply with the procedures, rules and regulations of the financing of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.


Evaluation and selection of the projects:
Applications will be evaluated according to the national laws, rules, regulations & procedures for each party (Israeli
-Russian) and the following criteria:

    • Novelty of the proposal, the potential of application in the production and effects created by the cooperation of the project partners (The added value of the cooperation between project partners);

    • Scientific validity;

    • Technical feasibility;

    • Compliance with nanotechnology;

    • Qualifications of the applicants in performing the specific tasks;

    • Expected economic results from the realization of the project;

    • Technological innovation

    • Capacities of the participating partners

    • Economic potential of the proposed product/service.

    • The added value of the cooperation between project partners

    • The capability of the partners (R&D personnel, Infrastructure, Finance, Marketing).

Application Process

Companies will be invited to submit their funding applications according to national procedures

    • The application form in is directed to the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs to the email address .

    • As for Israeli partners, submission of the Innovation Authority forms is expected by March 28, 2019.

    • Companies should contact ISERD before submission in order to receive the submission guidelines.

For additional information, please contact:

Name: Uzi Bar-Sadeh
Organization: ISERD - Israel Innovation Authority
Name: Russia – Alexander Kart
Organization: Fund for Infrastructure and Education Programs


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