Israel-Adler 1st Call for Proposals for the Development of New Materials & Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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The call for proposals is published in the framework of the R&D Collaboration with Multinational Corporations (MNC) program of the Israel Innovation Authority. The goal of the program is to encourage the creation of MNC-Startup partnerships in Israel.
Following an agreement between the Israel Innovation Authority and Adler Pelzer Group, a worldwide leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of acoustic and thermal components and systems for the automotive sector, a 1st call for proposals is being launched for the development of new materials and solutions to support the needs of the automotive industry.

The call includes 2 topics:

  1. Composites performance improvement and functions integration
    Conventional composites, out of autoclave, RTM or thermoplastic matrix, have a good ratio performances/weight. But in the Automotive application, this is not enough to become competitive vs conventional solutions. Automotive business has some sectors, E-cars for example, where light weight solutions are extremely important. Additionally, composites costs are too high for Automotive, due to fiber and process costs. Function integration could be one way to reduce overall costs of the system.
    Adler Group is looking for a technical solution that allows to reduce structural composites weight by 20% compared to conventional solutions maintaining same thermo-mechanical properties. This could be achieved mainly by developing new fiber/fabrics types/properties, as well as utilizing Graphene to improve properties. Additionally, a new way to transfer electrical energy/power through the composite’s component must be developed, using intrinsic electrical conductivity of carbon fibers. The two different integrated developments must lead to an overall target cost comparable to today’s know-how solutions.
  2. Polyurethane foaming process improvement- release agent application free
    Polyurethane polymer and foam have the characteristic to strongly stick to molding tools. To avoid this behavior, a release agent is usually applied onto the tools surface. This is done by spraying a dispersion of wax or polymers. Alternatively, a release film or an IMR solution could be used. Mold release agents lead to higher cost and environmental effect (that leads to additional investment in pollutant treatment, before going to the exhaust system). The protective release film generates higher material and processing cost (and sometimes must be thermoformed) , while IMR may later need to be painted or applied with glue to laminate a face fabric / leather onto PUR surfaces.
    Adler Group is looking for a technical solution where no release agent, barrier film or IMR are requested to mold polyurethane foams (Polyol+Isocyanate; flexible, integral, semirigid) into an aluminum tool. Preferred solution is a permanent / hemi permanent tool surface treatment that allows a proper de-molding.  No functionality reduction on the PUR foams (mechanical/ thermal/ surface adhesion properties) would be accepted when compared to conventional foam properties. Typical PUR formulation used: flexible foam having a density of 60 kg/cm or viscoelastic foam with a density from 80 to 120 kg/cm  or integral PUR foam with a density of around 240 kg/cm

Relevant Technologies

Light weight, composites for Automotive industry

Participating Agencies

Israel Innovation Authority

Program Description


Per MNC Program


Qualifications for the Israeli partner:

  • The Israeli partner must be a registered technological R&D industrial entity (company)
  • The industrial entity may be technologically and scientifically assisted by industrial or non-industrial entity (e.g.: university, research institute etc.) as subcontractor;

Evaluation and selection of projects:

Applications will be evaluated according to the Israeli R&D law
The following criteria will be evaluated by the Israel Innovation Authority:

  • Novelty of the proposal, the potential of the application, and the added value created by the cooperation between the project partners
  • Scientific validity;
  • Technical feasibility;
  • Technological innovation
  • Qualifications and capacity of the applicants in performing the specific tasks;
  • Economic potential of the proposed product/technology.

Relevant Technology Sectors:

  • Automotive – Light weight – Composites
  • Field of application: automotive chassis, structural, hemi-structural, hybrid metal-composites.

Application Process

Israeli companies, interested in submitting a proposal for a joint R&D project with Adler, will be required to follow a two-stage procedure

Phase 1Expression of Interest (due by May 5th, 2019)

  • Eligible Israeli companies are invited to submit an expression of interest (EoI) which will include information about the company (Deck/Company’s Profile/ Executive Summary) and a short description of a suggested project and partners
  • EOIs will be evaluated by the Innovation Authority and Adler Group. Companies whose proposals are found suitable will be invited to submit requests for funding within the Innovation Authority’s Framework for R&D Cooperation with Multinational Corporations (Phase 2).
  • Please submit an Expression of interest form (EOI) for assessment by May 5th, 2019 to Roberta Anati, Nili Mandelblit and Ofir Weltsch

Phase 2: Israel Innovation Authority – Request for Funding (Due by July 20th, 2019)

Apply for the Authority’s grant:
Please submit an online funding application to the Israel Innovation Authority.
For instruction on how to submit the Israel Innovation Funding Application:
Please click here  for Hebrew, and for English.

  • After submitting the funding application, please email Nili Mandelblit and Ofir Weltsch the file number you receive, or your company number.
  • For questions and assistance regarding the funding application submission, please contact our customer service and “Klita” department: Phone: 03-7157900, Email:
  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the online application, please contact our technical support team:  03-7157946/1

For additional information, please contact:

Name: Dr. Nili Mandelblit
Position: Director – Aerospace, Transport, Materials & Manufacturing, Research Infrastructures
Organization: ISERD - Israel Innovation Authority
Name: Roberta Anati
Position: Head of Technological Observatory
Organization: Adler Inlight
Name: Lino Mondino
Position: CTO
Organization: Adler Group
Name: Ofir Weltsch Loval
Position: Head of Transport Sector
Organization: ISERD - Israel Innovation Authority