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Investment in Mental Health Pilots

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The Iron Swords war that followed a terrorist attack on Southern Israel, resulted in many casualties, injuries, hostages and people being evicted from their homes.

Even prior to these events, the Israeli healthcare system was facing significant challenges in meeting the increasing mental-health related demands. These include prolonged waiting times for treatments, a shortage of therapists, difficulties in coordinating and integrating treatments and, in some cases, lack of systematic assessment processes for efficacy.

The expected increase in demand for mental-health services, along with the current challenges, is an opportunity to develop innovative service processes and to promote the use of technologies that would better the quality and efficacy of the treatment. The Ministry of Health set a top priority to promote the effective use of new technologies that would result in developing innovative services and executing implementation-programs in parallel to this call for proposal.

The implementation program includes two main channels:

  1. Supporting the infrastructural aspects of technology implementation, including measurement and evaluation tools for treatment efficacy and the use of treatment technology, or
  2. Helping to integrate the treatment process with the public systems – using a dedicated mechanism.

The implementation of these mechanisms will offer unique opportunities for Israeli and international companies to develop and implement new tools in the healthcare system, aiding in bettering the quality and accessibility of treatments.

The Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Health are interested in promoting the quality and innovation level of the solutions and aid Israeli companies to work together with the test-sites in order to examine the efficacy of the technologies developed for the purpose of meeting the needs presented in this call for proposal and their value to the local and global healthcare systems.

Program Description

The Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Health, invite technology companies to apply for pilot aimed to improve the quality and availability if mental-health services in Israel through products that meet one or more of these challenges:

  1. Diagnosing, self-treatment or groups therapy
  2. Aiding therapists in providing treatment and decision-making
  3. Coordinating and integrating treatment, also inter-organizationally
  4. Therapists training
  5. Monitoring and measuring patient status
  6. Improving work environments for therapists and mitigating burnout

This would take place via the incentive program – R&D fund.



  • The applicant is an industrial corporation that has applied for funding in R&D at a product at the pilot stage that meets the defined challenge for an execution period not exceeding 24 months
  • The R&D for the applied for program, including all its components, will take place in Israel by Israeli residents, unless the research committee is convinced that, noting the reasons, that it is vital for the program’s execution that some of the research would be performed outside Israel, or by non-Israeli residents.
  • The R&D via an approved program will be performed by the applicant or one designated to do so by the applicant to perform the R&D, or part of it, or an approved party according to article 3.3 (7) in the incentive program (program change)
  • The applicant declares that they are the owner of the knowledge derived by the R&D according to the approved program and that every right emanating from it, including intellectual property rights, from its inception. In an application that includes shared ownership of the knowledge, all the knowledge owners are obligated as stated.
  • The applied for program will not be executed by order to a party that is not the applicant for a full or partial reimbursement in return for full, or partial ownership of the knowledge or product.
  • The applicant has no pending application for funding an identical program, full or partial, in one of the Innovation Authority incentive programs, including sub-programs.
  • No financial aid has been received for the execution of the applied for case from any government entity or the Innovation Authority, directly or indirectly, outside the incentive program’s instructions. No additional incentive will be given for an approved case that was already given an incentive according to the program’s instructions.
  • The applicant has no limited accounts and doesn’t undergo receivership, procedure freezing, procedure freezing ,etc.
  • The applicant and its controlling shareholders meet the demands of the 2011 industrial R&D  encouragement regulations.

Application Process

  • Applications are accepted until July 4th, 12PM (IST).
  • Replies will be sent during September 2024.

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