R&D and Pilot programs for construction sector’s manufacturing technologies

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The Innovation Authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction and Housing, invites industrial companies that produce methods, products, and materials for the construction industry to submit applications for assistance in R&D programs aimed at contributing to the improvement and optimization of the construction industry.

Program Description

The plans submitted to this RFP will deal with the development of industrialized construction methods, products, materials, technologies, and innovative production processes, which are expected to improve productivity of the construction industry, including increasing industrialization, improving buildings’ quality , reducing construction duration , extending the life of products, and improving the efficiency of construction resources – turning this sector into a technologically advanced industry. The proposals submitted in response to this RFP must constitute an innovation in the construction industry, demonstrate the proposed technology, and create significant value for society and for the Israeli manufacturing.


Financial Support:

Support at a rate of 30% – 50% of R&D expenses of the approved projects.

  • Additional 10% for R&D projects carried out in Development Area A.
  • Additional 10% if at least 20% of the approved budget will be carried out at a recognized higher education institute or at an Israeli research institute.


  • The applicant must be registered as a company in Israel.
  • The submitting company is an industrial manufacturing company in Israel (meets the threshold conditions of Incentive Program No. 36 – Promoting technological innovation in the manufacturing industry).
  • The intellectual property that will be created in the program must be fully owned by the company.

Application Process

  1. Industrialized construction – for example: innovative industrialized construction methods, products for the industrialization of construction, etc.
  2. Development of automation systems in construction processes – such as mechanical-engineering equipment tools that integrate automation systems, sensors combined with artificial intelligence, and more.
  3. Robotics – development and production of robots for the purpose of integrating them into the construction and execution processes, for example: a robot for envelope work, a robot for finishing work, etc.
  4. Development of advanced and innovative products and materials for the construction industry. For example: additives for concrete, efficiency in construction resources, diversification of raw materials, innovative insulation products, extending the life of products, innovative products for covering buildings and more.

For additional information, please contact:

Name: Daniel Pinto
Position: , Leader of the Manufacturing and Smart Construction Industry Field, Advanced Manufacturing Division
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority
Name: Michal Aran
Position: Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Policy Division
Organization: Ministry of Construction and Housing
Name: Customer Service Desk
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority