Collaboration between the manufacturing industry and startups in the Food sector

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The RFP is intended for companies in the manufacturing industry operating in  Israel’s food sector or affiliated sectors.  For example, raw materials, manufacturers of food packaging, precision agriculture, etc. Such companies also collaborate with startups  engaged in the development of food, products, and raw materials for the food industry as subcontractors in the Program.

Program Description

The Innovation Authority invites manufacturing facilities in the food industry to cooperate with food tech startups in order to develop innovative products, advanced raw materials, and groundbreaking production processes dedicated to the food industry.


The projects submitted in response to this RFP must reflect a high level of innovation compared to  what already exists in the industry, encourage cooperation between start-ups and manufacturing companies , create a significant impact on the Israeli food industry in a way that will help bolster its position as a leader in the international  market.

Preferred areas:

  1. Development of new products, production technologies, and raw materials for the food industry, the alternative protein industry, and supporting industries.
  2. Development and production of processing processes to optimize the use of raw materials.
  3. Development of food packaging that contributes to extending the shelf life of the products, or products that contribute to the promotion of a circular economy in the food sector.
  4. Development of protein substitutes from other sources.
  5. Development of new products, production technologies and raw materials to promote fortified foods or healthy foods, such as: reducing sugar or sodium, gluten-free foods and more.
  6. Developing smart packaging to extend shelf life without harming the environment, and keeping the product fresh, with a minimum of food additives.

Application Process

For general questions, questions regarding the manner for submission of the proposal in the personal area, contact the Clients Center by email:, or by phone 03-7157900, Sunday-Thursday, 9:00-17:00 (IST)

For additional information, please contact:

Name: Daniel Pinto
Position: , Leader of the Manufacturing and Smart Construction Industry Field, Advanced Manufacturing Division
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority
Name: Customer Service Desk
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority