Horizon Europe Material and Information

Everything you need to know about the different parts of submitting a proposal and managing a winning project

Use the information below relating to the different stages in a project's life to help you navigate the process from registration, through proposal writing, to managing a winning project.


Introduction, Registration and finding the right topic for you

This section will help you with the beginning stages of your Horizon Europe process - registering to the Funding and Tenders portal, learning about the Horizon Europe structure, finding the right topics for you, learning about the different project roles and assigning them, and the validation process.  

Proposal Writing and Consortium Building

This section will help you with everything you need to know about writing a winning proposal, building a consortium, and additional information for the early stages of your winning project.

EC webinar "How to prepare a successful proposal in Horizon Europe"

Project Management and Reporting

This section contains information on the different parts of managing a winning project, payments, reports, audits and more.

  • GAP
  • Payments
  • Mutual Insurance Mechanism (MIM)
  • Reporting
  • CFS
  • Audit

Statistics, Tools and Additional Information

This section contains important links to various tools and databases that will help you with writing a successful proposal and managing your winning project. 

  • CORDIS - EC database for all previously funded projects. Here you can look up previous projects, and see what has already been done in your field
  • EC Results Platform - This platform allows you to search previous project results, and publish the results of your project
  • EC Dashboard - This tools allows visualization of results and statistics that can be filtered based on country, topic, type of organization, and more

How We Can Help You

ISERD is available to assist you along the way in fining a topic, finding partners, submitting a proposal, and managing a winning project. Listed below are some of our services - 


  • Our leaflets with information on the different topics in each work programme
  • Financial Support Fund - Track 37 provides financial support to Israeli corporations interested in participating in the EU Framework Program - Horizon Europe – in calls for proposals in the form of a consortium 
  • Red Team - The Red Team service ISERD offers is a national full proposal check for Israeli legal entities participating in a Horizon Europe action, aimed at improving the quality of any submission with at least one Israeli participant
  • Orientation Presentations - ISERD offers orientation presentations monthly to help you get familiar with the Horizon Europe programme and the different funding options for you
  • Partner Search - ISERD can assist you in finding partners for your topic through events, contacts and connections
  • Newsletter - Stay up to date on any important information and news through our newsletter