Smart and quantifiable security assurance and certification shared across Europe (Available at 2022)

Expected Outcomes: Projects are expected to contribute to at least three of the following outcomes:

  • Availability of applicable tools and procedures for partial and continuous assessment and lean re-certification of ICT products, ICT services and ICT processes;
  • Reduction of efforts spent for (re-) certifying ICT products, ICT services and ICT processes;
  • Improved stakeholder collaboration on cybersecurity certification information, including manufacturers and end users from different Member States;
  • Efficient (re-)use of information and evidence relevant to certification and in support of multi-scheme (re-)use;
  • Increased comparability of assurance statements arising from certification schemes and the standards used therein; avoidance of multi-certification
  • Advancing test and simulation facilities, including incident and threat analysis;
  • Increased Digital Twin capabilities for continuous assessment and integration of new solutions.