Resilient and secure smart cities (Available at 2022)

Resilient and secure smart cities are protected using the knowledge derived from the protection of critical infrastructures and systems that are characterised by growing complexity.

Expected Outcomes: Projects’ results are expected to contribute to the following outcom

  • Improved physical and cyber protection for smart bridges, tunnels and roads including corridors for unmanned vehicles (land, air, sea) from unlawful interference, manipulation and attacks 
  • Security-by-design concept implemented as part of  integrated urban planning processes (which also include measures on safety, environmental protection etc.) and the design or maintenance of urban mobility infrastructures to avoid the creation of vulnerabilities at the earliest stages 
  • Comprehensive processes and systems for the protection of physical and digital infrastructures for unmanned and autonomous vehicles like the U-Space, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and charging facilities
  • Enhanced urban mobility systems’ resilience to natural and man-made disasters, as well as system successful performance and failures
  • Cost-efficient security upgrades of urban infrastructures and possibilities of pooling and sharing of complex security systems, taking into account limited budgets of local authorities and citizens (needs and capabilities)