Network connectivity in Research and Education - Enabling collaboration without boundaries

The way scientific research is conducted has dramatically changed over the last years - Network, storage and computing services provide the foundation to conduct modern scientific research

Today the data for research is generated from countless sources and large instruments across the globe and stored in data repositories. Allowing scientists to conduct excellent research requires high-bandwidth networks and network services to interconnect researchers, data and computing resources in a non-discriminatory way regardless of the location of the users and the resources. 

The federation of National Research and Education Networks shape a fundamental building block of Europe’s e-infrastructure landscape, delivering a pan-European network for scientific excellence, research, education and innovation by providing an integrated catalogue of services for connectivity, collaboration, security and trust-and-identity that ensure Europe remains at the forefront of research.
This community has the potential to develop a new pan-European investment programme to reach Terabit capacity and meet the huge growth in network capacity and demand for advanced services for Research and Education. 

This programme will set the basis for a paradigm shift in the digital science and computational infrastructures planned for research and education over the next 10 years.