MSCA Staff Exchange (MSCA-SE)

Promotes innovative collaboration in research through staff exchange that is international, inter-sectoral, and interdisciplinary and by sharing knowledge and ideas at all stages of the innovation chain.

What is MSCA-SE?

MSCA-SE fosters a shared culture of research and innovation that welcomes and rewards creativity and entrepreneurship and helps turn ideas into innovative products, services, or processes. It is open to research, technical, administrative, and managerial staff supporting R&I activities.

Who can apply?

  • At least three independent legal entities (beneficiaries), each established in a different EU Member State (MS) or Associated Country (AC) (e.g. Israel); Minimum of one beneficiary from an EU Member State.
  • On top of this minimum, any entity from any Third Country (TC), which is any country in the world outside of EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries, can join. These entities shall not be considered beneficiaries. 
  • The consortium can consist of universities, research institutions and research infrastructures, businesses including SMEs, and other socio-economic actors.
  • The consortium participants can be from the same sector (only academic participants or only not academic participants) as long as at least one organisation is from a Third Country.

Target group:

Research staff at any stage of their career starting from doctoral candidates to postdoctoral researchers, as well as managerial, administrative, and technical staff from any nationality, that are supporting R&I activities under this action.


The entire action duration is up to 4 years (48 months)

Secondments conditions:

  • Duration:
    • Overall EU contribution is up to 360 person-months.
    • The Secondment duration is of minimum 1 month and up to 12 months for the same staff member
    • The secondment of a staff member may be split into several stays with one or several beneficiaries or associated partners.
  • Location:
    • Secondments must be between different countries.
    • Secondments must always take place between legal entities independent from each other.
    • Secondments between institutions established in Third Countries or within the same EU Member State or Horizon Europe Associated Country are not eligible.
    • Secondments within EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries must be between sectors (academic and not academic), unless the secondment is interdisciplinary, which will then permit the secondment to be in the same sector, but will be limited to 1/3 of the total months spent under the action.
  • Sector/Discpline:
    • Interdisciplinarity is not required for same-sector exchanges with non-associated Third Countries.
    • If all participating organisations are from the same sector (i.e. either only academic or only non-academic), there must be at least one organisation from a Third Country. 
    • If a secondment is in an organisation that is not one of the beneficiaries organisations, and the organisation is linked to one of the beneficiaries, then the sector of that organisation will be considered the same sector as the linked beneficiary organisation.
  • Additional Conditions:
    • The participating organisations should present complementary competence and create synergy between them, as well as enhance their networking activities, as part of the programme's collaborative approach.
    • Each staff member supported under this action must engage in or be linked to R&I activities at the sending organisation for at least 1 month (full-time equivalent) before beginning the first secondment.
    • To increase the impact of knowledge sharing and long-term collaborations, each staff member supported under this action will return to the sending organisation after concluding the secondments.


  • Up to EUR 1.66 million per project
  • Contributions for seconded staff members per person-month:
    • Top-Up Allowance (Travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs related to the secondment): EUR 2 300
    • If applicable, special needs allowance
  • Institutional contributions per person-month:
    • Research, training, and networking contribution: EUR 1 300
    • Management and indirect contribution: EUR 1 000

For more information please refer to the MSCA-SE Applicable unit Contributions.


  • 2022: 6 October 2022 – 8 March 2023

For more information on the call please refer to the full MSCA-SE work programme, the MSCA-SE Guide for Applicants and How to Apply to Horizon Europe MSCA.


Call Information

How ISERD can assist you:

  • Applicants may submit to the ISERD MSCA team their proposals to receive detailed evaluation feedback to improve their offer. Applicants may submit only full proposals, at least one month in advance of the call deadline.
  • Applicants may contact the ISERD MSCA team for guidance in the eligibility and submission requirements.
  • Partner Search: Search and post partner matching opportunities.


Further Information:


Contact Us

For questions regarding the call and its submission requirements please contact the MSCA team at ISERD.