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Enterprise Europe Network, the biggest European network for finding strategic partners from all kinds



What is Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)?

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the biggest European network for global partner-search, which includes more than 600 representations in about 60 countries, mostly in Europe.
With EEN one can find different kinds of partnerships, including technological, commercial, business, and requests for R&D collaborations (mainly in the framework of European R&D programs such as H2020, Eurostars and Eurkea).
Most of the search is done online, via a free database of profiles that can be found here.  


How to search the DB and connect to entities which are of interest to you?

  • Search for strategic partners by keywords in the link of the EEN profiles' DB.
  • If you find relevant profiles, you are invited first to read them.
    If you fit the requirements described in one of the relevant profiles, you may press on "request more information", and then answer three short questions (what entity are you representing and what cooperation are you looking for). You should choose in your support office in Israel "Israel Innovation Authority", so that we would pass on your request to the foreign entity. The EEN database keeps anonymity in the profiles, so that connections would occur only when both sides are interested. If the foreign side would be interested in a connection, based on the three answers you've written, they would be ready to expose their contact details and get into direct contact, and we will update you on that.
  • The EEN does not only keep the virtual profiles' DB, but also organizes (physical) events for partner-search (such as company missions and brokerage events), with the aid of EEN branches all over the world (mainly Europe). Even if you cannot attend the event which interests you, in many of the cases the registered participants who are looking for partners could be seen online.
    • In this events' calendar, the partner-search events of the EEN all over the world could be seen (filter by a certain month in a year).
    • In this events' DB, one could search for EEN partner-search events by industrial sector, keyword, country, etc.
  • Register here to open a user in the system, with which you define a specific query for alerts, for the kinds of profiles and events that interest you.

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