Europe Secures the Future of Holocaust Research

The unique thing about EHRI is that it links all European Holocaust archives to each other. As a result, new research can be done and more knowledge can be gathered about this dark period in our shared past. It is therefore very important that Europe decides to give EHRI a permanent status as a research infrastructure, so that historical research can continue and be further improved

Project Name: EHRI - European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

Project area: Holocaust research

Project Description:
EHRI's mission is to support the Holocaust research community by building a digital infrastructure and facilitating human networks. EHRI provides online access to information about dispersed sources relating to the Holocaust through its Online Portal, and tools and methods that enable researchers and archivists to work collaboratively with such sources. Apart from providing an online platform, EHRI also facilitates an extensive network of researchers, archivists and others to increase cohesion and co-ordination among practitioners and to initiate new transnational and collaborative approaches to the study of the Holocaust. EHRI thereby seeks to overcome one of the hallmark challenges of Holocaust research: the wide dispersal of the archival source material across Europe and beyond, and the concomitant fragmentation of Holocaust historiography.

Partners: The consortium consists of 24 partners in 17 countries across Europe and beyond – various research institutes / universities / museums / Holocaust documentation centers, as well as technology partners

The Israeli partner participating in the project: Yad Vashem is among the founders of the project and has been involved in its leadership and implementation since its inception.

Project Budget:
Yad Vashem Grant is € 1,031,566 (Horizon 2020)
Total project value in FP7 9,359,210 euros.
Total project value at Horizon 2020 is 7,969,677 Euros.

The project was funded for the first time in 2010 under the European Funding Program, FP7- Research Infrastructures Theme. In 2015, the project received additional financing as part of the Horizon 2020 funding program. The project was highly evaluated by the European Union and in 2018, EHRI received an official approval for the project's entry into the 2018 Roadmap for ESFRI research infrastructures. 

The ESFRI is a strategy forum on research infrastructures. Its mission is to map European scientific subjects and to encourage integration and joint work between research institutes / universities / industry, dealing with the same topics. The integration leads to the establishment of a research infrastructure which then supervised and funded by the ESFRI for 10 years. The goal is that by the end of the 10 years period, the research infrastructure will have all the tools to function as an independent financial institution that provides services and does not need the support of the European Union.

Organization: Yad Vashem – the World Holocaust Remembrance Center

Dr. Haim Gertner
Director, Archives Division
Fred Hillman Chair for Holocaust Documentation

Yad Vashem

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