VP International Collaborations Division


Israel Innovation Authority

Nili Shalev, is in charge of promoting international collaboration in innovative R&D between Israeli companies and counterpart organizations abroad, to create a competitive advantage for Israeli companies in global markets, and to provide international markets accessibility to Israel's disruptive technologies.

In her previous position, Nili served as the Director General of ISERD - The Israel-EU R&D Directorate at the Israel Innovation Authority. Nili has more than 20 years of experience representing the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry in a wide range of executive positions. As part of her position, Mrs. Shalev was responsible for the implementation of the Israel-EU agreement on Research and Development, Horizon2020, creating support- infrastructure and initiating activities for promoting industrial and academic R&D cooperation between Israel and Europe through a variety of multilateral and binational platforms.

Since first joining the Ministry in 1995, Mrs. Shalev was the Director of the Government SEED Fund at the Office of the Chief Scientist, a multimillion dollar support program aimed at providing incentives for prospective investors in Israeli high-tech start-up companies. She also served as the Advisor to the Director General of the Ministry. From 2004 – 2008, she served as the Israeli Trade Commissioner in Australia and New Zealand. In 2010-2011 Ms. Shalev served as the Director of the International Projects and Financing Department managing several multimillion dollar funds in order to promote and finance Israeli industries. And prior to her recent appointment, from 2011-2016,  she served as the Economic Minister to North America of Ministry of Economy and Industry in NY, responsible for promoting trade and investment between North America and Israel.

From 2008-2010, Mrs. Shalev was employed in the private sector as Marketing Director for Miya, an Arison Group company that offers comprehensive water efficiency solutions for municipalities.

Ms. Shalev holds an MBA (1996), an MA in Communications (1996) and a BA in International Relations (Cum Laude, 1989-1992), from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is married with two children.

Contact Information:
Email: Nilis@innovationisrael.org.il