VP Advanced Manufacturing Division


Head of Advanced Manufacturing Division

Malka Nir, Head of the Advanced Manufacturing Division, is responsible for strengthening the manufacturing sector and its ability to compete in the local and global arena, through the implementation of research and development processes and technological innovation.

Malka 's experience in the industry spans 20 years; 13 the hi-tech industry, where she served as Intel Israel's VP of engineering. She also served as Israel Chemicals' VP of R&D for 8 years, and two years as the CEO of a metal factory. 
In the course of the years, Malka gained experience in global management. She was in large of international organizations and led significant organizational changes while creating a sense of mutual engagement between the corporation and its employees for a common goal of the organization's continued success and accomplishments.

Malka holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
Malka's vision is to establish a manufacturing industry that will be a source of economic growth for the Israeli economy and a source of pride for those who work in it.

Contact Information:
Email: AM@innovationisrael@org.il