VP Innovation Authority and Head of Startup Division & Business Development

Anya Eldan, VP of the Innovation Authority and Head of Startup Division & Business Development, is responsible for the growth and establishment of some of the best Israeli hi-tech companies; her task is to provide companies with a variety of unique tools designed to support the initial development phases of their technological project. The tools are intended to assist various kinds of clients - from the individual entrepreneur to the budding company – in their attempt to develop their initial idea into a product, and then continue to the more advanced stages of recruiting and sales. The division, led by Anya, operates many support tracks to encourage entrepreneurship in the different sectors, such as the Technological Incubators Program, Incentive Program for Early Stage Companies and the Innovation labs Program.

Anya has 25 years experience in the hi-tech industry, as well as in venture capital funds and technological entrepreneurship. She has proven experience in public and private fundraising. In her last role prior to joining the Innovation Authority, Anya managed companies in the field of digital healthcare and was a partner in the 'Platinum' Venture Capital Fund.

Anya holds an MBA and a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the Tel Aviv University.

Contact Information:
Email: SU@innovationisrael.org.il