Dror Bin, CEO of Israel Innovation Authority & Uriel Klar, Director of PLANETech

dror binClimate change has become a reality much faster than all predicted scenarios and is unequivocally recognized as an all-encompassing threat to the global economy and to humanity. Unprecedented and drastic actions are required to win the race against the impending climate crisis, a major component of which is the implementation of innovative climate technologies. Many of these technologies are still in their early stage of development, far from deployment, or even earlier - at the ideation stage. Business and government leaders who prioritize these actions will be leading the fight against the biggest challenge facing humanity and will, at the same time, gain financial and economic benefits. This report presents the state of Israeli climate tech, revealing a vivid ecosystem - a mix of well-established companies and promising young startups, combined with a growing presence of private investments and significant government support. Israel has the potential to become the leading hub for climate tech innovations. Forming global networks between Israel and the rest of the world is crucial to create opportunities for knowledge sharing, joint R&D, funding opportunities, partnerships and deployment at scale. A collaborative ecosystem is the key ingredient in the success of Israeli innovation throughout the years. Working together towards a better planet is not a mere cliché but, rather, a key factor of success. This report, the result of collaboration between the Israel Innovation Authority – a deeply rooted government agency – and PLANETech, a non-profit innovation community, demonstrates the power of such an ecosystem.

The climate tech journey gives us an opportunity to tread new paths and create new value. To realize this potential, however, we must all continue to work together. “Israel’s State of Climate Tech 2021” is a powerful source of motivation for doing so.

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The State of Israel views innovation as a valuable resource and vital component in ensuring the continued economic prosperity of the Israeli economy. The Israel Innovation Authority is an independent statutory entity responsible for advancing innovation as leverage towards inclusive and sustainable economic growth in Israel. The Authority’s mission is to strengthen Israel’s technological leadership and culture of entrepreneurship, and to increase the economic value they generate for the Israeli economy. The Authority regards innovation as the most significant growth engine of the Israeli economy and strives to preserve and enhance Israel’s position at the forefront of global innovation. The Authority formulates policy to implement this mission via a range of financing and assistive tools. In addition, the Authority advises the government and Knesset committees on Israeli innovation policy, monitors and analyzes the changes in technological innovation in Israel and worldwide, and initiates collaborations with other official entities around the world to advance this ecosystem.


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PLANETech is a nonprofit innovation community for climate change technologies - a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group. PLANETech aims to lead the Israeli and global climate tech ecosystem in tackling climate change via a combination of approaches. This is done by modifiying business focus and technologies towards climate change challenges, supporting the deployment and implementation of innovative climate technologies, and by building a global network for climate tech innovators while promoting Israel as a world center for climate change technologies. The report was written by Dr. Tamar Moise and Uriel Klar of PLANETech and Ari Siegmann of the Israel Innovation Authority. Special thanks to the joint climate team for transforming a multitude of data into a solid report - Dvora Porat, Dana Gourevich, Aviva Polisar, Noga Carmin, Shai Becker, Elior Bliah, Sam Eisenberg and Gal Sharon. Special thanks also the team of SparkBeyond©.


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