C4IR Israel

To help government regulation adapt to the rapidly changing technology, the World Economic Forum founded a network of Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR).
This network aims to create and to share knowledge, experience and best practices related to innovative technologies’ regulation by establishing collaborations between governments, leading corporations, private sector, and experts from around the world.
In January 2019, as part of Government Resolution No. 4481, it was decided that the State of Israel would join the C4IR. Accordingly, in August 2019, the Innovation Authority established the Israeli Center for Regulation of Innovative Technologies that serves as an Affiliate Center in the C4IR network.

Calls for Proposals

 If your company is interested in joining our pilot in one or more of the 24 demos which will take place over the next couple of years (2023-2024) please contact Meital Goren of Ayalon Highways: meitalg@ayalonhw.co.il. Please contact us at…

Success Stories

How a bottom up and multi-stakeholder approach can assist countries in scaling up drone operations to a national level network and future air mobility
The world is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution – a period during which technological breakthroughs and industrial disruptive…
The National Drone Initiative developing agile regulation and supporting ecosystem to enable drones and UAM operations in Israel
Forming Regulatory Framework for Trials and Use of Autonomous Vehicles in Israel


Demonstration marked conclusion of three years of development showcasing capabilities and latest developments in the field of autonomous vehicles and sensors.
Israel’s Ministry of Transport, National Public Transport Authority, Innovation Authority, and Ayalon Highways invest NIS 20 million in autonomous transportation pilot
Sixty million NIS will be invested in 10 companies as part of a pilot project that will also examine the use of large cargo and passenger-carrying heavy drones flying in controlled airspace