One of the Ministry of Agriculture’s central objectives is to continue supplying close to 100% of the Israeli fruit and vegetable consumption in the year 2030. To succeed in this & Rural Development endeavor, the agriculture sector must be at the forefront of technological innovation. The Ministry’s vision is therefore to transform Israel into an Agri-tech power that upholds a strong synergy between agricultural crops and the frontline of technological development.

Worldwide agriculture is currently undergoing rapid technological and economic changes. From a technological point of view, there is a transition to precision-agriculture which combines innovative sensors and robotics that will identify parameters such as surface conditions, fruit maturity, seed location etc. This technological development is expected to lower the risk in growing processes, thereby facilitating increased healthy agricultural produce. At the same time, biotechnology developments will enable an increase in crop yield and reduction in the use of pesticides.

With the help of advanced digitalization the agriculture sector is adapting itself to compete in a perfect market: The consumers’ insistence on a transparent agricultural value chain and the thirst for full information on food quality, will expedite processes of adaptation to consumers’ personal preferences and transparency in the agriculture sector itself.

In order for Israel to be part of these trends and meet the challenges of agriculture in the future, the Ministry of Agriculture is leading a comprehensive strategic program. Its central objective is to increase investment in technological developments, to streamline the agricultural value chain, and to raise the level of Israeli agriculture’s global competitiveness in agricultural technologies and products.

The Ministry of Agriculture is striving to achieve these goals in a number of ways:TOMORROW’S AGRICULTURE BEGINS IN ISRAEL

  • Establishment of a support mechanism for new crops that facilitates financial aid, assistance and partnership in developing crop innovations.
  • Agricultural knowledge centers that leverage Israeli research capabilities into agricultural technologies that are directed at industry and export, and that supply innovative solutions for efficient and advanced agricultural production.
  • Establishment of a 10 million-shekel (approximately $2.7 million) investment fund with the aim of encouraging implementation of new technologies in agriculture and supporting farmers, in accordance with various parameters.

  • Establishment of digital trading floors that facilitate direct contact between growers and buyers. The trading floors enable a more efficient management of agriculture output which, in turn, allow for trade of varied qualities of crops, price transparency, and encourages competition.

  • Increasing the scope of investment in Agri-tech and related innovation.

  • Assistance in expanding cooperation at local and global levels between entrepreneurs, investors, farmers, academia, and anyone involved in the worlds of agricultural research and innovation.