International Collaboration Division’s Numbers in 2020:

  • 142 requests were submitted to the Bilateral R&D Incentive Program of which 67 were approved for a total of NIS 42,000,000.
    • 117 requests were submitted to the first stage of a pilot program with 4 leading global health centers, 22 of which advanced to the second stage. Of these, 14 projects were approved for total support of NIS 8,640,438. The approved projects include innovative technologies for remote monitoring and control of patients, use of AI systems for issuing recommendations and supporting medical decisions, and software tools for streamlining cancer treatment.
  • 34 requests were submitted to the Bi-National Funds Program of which 14 were approved for a total of NIS 16,000,000.
  • 12,700 Israeli requests were submitted to the European R&D Horizon 2020 Program between 2014-2020. Of these, 1,596 grants totaling EUR 1.22 billion were approved (preliminary figures).
    • 2,286 requests were submitted in 2020 of which 216 were approved for grants totaling NIS 848 million (EUR 217 million).
    • Of these submitted requests, 16 companies were awarded grants as part of the EIC Accelerator Program for outstanding companies for a total of EUR 30 million and equity proposals worth EUR 60 million.
  • The Authority operates and finances a support fund aimed at providing Israeli companies with access to the European R&D Program. 264 requests were submitted as part of this program, of which 209 were approved for grants totaling NIS 6,196,092.
  • The Innovation Authority also finances collaborations with related programs in preferred fields: micro-electronics, advanced manufacturing, materials, and others. 5 Israeli requests were approved as part of the ECSEL Program in the field of micro-electronics for total grants of NIS 20,714,000.