The Golan heights Winery’s innovative wine water

The R&D preparatory program is an exclusive program operating in the advanced manufacturing division, designed to help manufacturing-driven companies lacking experience in R&D and in leading innovation processes, or that need focus and direction in their R&D processes. The preparatory program offers companies support in establishing new ideas for products or processes, in examining technological feasibility, and in developing solutions for manufacturing failures, under the guidance of technology consultants.

A prominent company backed by the preparatory program is the Golan Heights Winery, which ventured to develop a completely new product: Wine Water. The backed project led to the construction of a concept based on innovative technology: extracting grape waste reduced in the wine manufacturing process and diluting it with water, so that the nutrients in grape peels and the unique aroma and smell of wine are absorbed by the water. The product made its world debut in July 2018 at the Fancy Food Show in New York and gained unprecedented success, with hundreds of distributors from across the globe seeking marketing rights for the product. It is already being sold by leading chains in the US.