An automation system for sports broadcasts that has penetrated the American market

The Pixellot startup established in 2013 has developed an innovative system that allows the production and broadcasting of a variety of sports events with almost no human intervention. The company started out in The Time incubator, a franchisee of the incubators incentive program in the startup division, and was later provided additional grants through the R&D fund incentive program in the growth division.

The market segment the company is targeting is millions of sporting events that are not currently being recorded due to high production costs, such as games played in colleges, high schools, little leagues and teenage leagues worldwide. The system it developed includes cameras, tracking capabilities, content manipulation through the cloud, broadcasting to different devices, and exclusively automatic live-streaming, allowing spectators to perform simple move manipulation – all at a low production cost. Since its establishment, the company has already sold roughly 2,500 systems producing 20 thousand broadcasting hours a month. In 2018, it raised $30 million, which will allow it to accelerate its future market penetration.