Appendix: Results of the High-Tech Index Indicators


Innovation Authority High-Tech Indices

Innovation Authority High-Tech Indices

Startup Companies Sub-Index:

  1. Net new companies: This sub-index represents the net change in the number of Israeli companies operating in the high-tech sector i.e., the number of new Israeli high-tech companies opened less the number of Israeli high-tech companies that closed.
  2. Number and value of capital raised by companies: The value and number of financing rounds that Israeli high-tech companies raised from all investors – venture capital funds, angel investors, and others.
  3. Number and value of exits: The monetary value and amount of exits by Israeli high-tech companies after deducting exceptional deals. An exit is defined as an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or an M&A (Merger and Acquisition).
  4. Capital raised by funds: The total capital raised each year by Israeli venture capital funds. This figure constitutes an indicator of projected future investments by those funds in Israel
Startup Companies Sub-Index:


Mature Companies Sub-Index:

  1. High-tech employees: The number of salaried employees in the high-tech sector, excluding those employed in the communications services sector.
  2. High-tech exports: Total exports of high-tech services and industry sectors.
  3. Blue-Tech Index: The Tel Aviv Global-Blue-Tech Index, which includes all shares in the technology and biomed sectors. The index is calculated as the average of the daily closing indices for each year.
  4. Value and number of secondary offerings: The number and scope of public funding rounds enacted by Israeli high-tech companies whose securities are listed on the stock exchange (secondary offerings). These variables depict the continued growth in value of Israeli public companies.
  5. Value and number of high-tech acquisitions: The number and value of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions enacted by Israeli high-tech companies where the acquired company is not necessarily an Israeli or a technology company.
79 Mature Companies Sub-Index: